Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hmm... Naw, I got nothing.

Another day, another post. You guys will be pleased to know I'm practically finished with my next chapter of Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin. I just have a little bit more to write, then do some proof reading and we're good to go. Really, this chapter practically wrote itself.

I had originally planned on working on Gaia's Sennin first, but because this chapter practically wrote itself and came out so quickly, I decided to just crank chapter 6 out. Yeah, sometimes my muse just works like that.

There's not a whole lot for me to write about today. No one's been asking any questions in their reviews that I have not answered. Or at least, no one's been asking any questions that would not spoil the plot if I did answer that I have not answered.

I am a tad worried about the lack of updates for other fanfics. The only writer who updates with any frequency is megamatt09, and as interesting as his stories are, they're not really well written. Grammar issues, you see.

Paradox Jax did update one of his stories recently, Experiments in Empathy, which is probably one of my favorite Naruto/fem Kyuubi stories because it's one of the few where the romance does not happen instantly. But aside from him and people like 0 Jordinio 0 and jerryway69, who have also updated a story, updates are coming in at an all time slow.