Friday, May 17, 2013

Legend of Gaia's Sennin Q&A

Det-Kaguya, Shikyo no Kyoufu, animegamemaster6, DragonBlade00, Have a little Feith, An25, Fyrflame: Yes, it was a marsh and snakes in the video game. Yes, I changed it. That's why my authors note mentioned that this chapter was AU. Why? You may ask. Because I wanted to. I felt like doing something a bit different, and as this was one of those things I could change that would not affect my story no matter which way I went since it was a one time event, as in, Naruto and company will never visit that place again, I decided to change it.

I actually got the original idea from Tremors. I don't know if you've seen the movie, but it's basically about giant creatures that travel underground and eat people.

One thing I want people to understand is that certain things that have nothing to do with the main story plot may change from their canonical counterparts if I feel like it. This particular change was just one I wanted to do because the idea came to me and it sounded really funny in my mind.

Soleimon Berserker: No, there is not going to be any Midgar Solom in this story. The marshland only appears in the Video Game once, unless you decided to travel there again for no reason, and since I changed the marshland into a desert I can't think of any place where the Midgar Solom would fit into this story. Sorry if you were looking forward to seeing a giant snake monster.

Muu~ you guys didn't have nearly as many questions as I thought you would.

And I spent so much time working on this chapter too. Oh poo.