Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ashikabi no Shinobi, Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Nightwing: That's kind of the point. Miya's feelings are very complicated right now. You have to understand that she loves her husband very dearly even though he was not an Ashikabi. These feelings have carried over long after his death.
Now she is beginning to react to Naruto. I think I've made it obvious enough by now that I can just come out and tell you that. However, this is causing conflicting emotions for Miya. She loves her husband and doesn't wish to betray his memory by being with another man. At the same time, she is reacting to Naruto. Not only that, but she holds a deep respect for Naruto. She knows that he has suffered more loss and heartbreak than anyone else, enough that any normal person would have given up long ago. Yet even though he is essentially a broken human, he still has that inner strength that his canon side has always possessed, and it's what has always pushed him forward. She sees his inner struggle, his desire to keep his distance. Yet she can also see that he wants more than anything to surround himself with loved ones. This conflict he has makes her feel even closer to him, because she is having those same conflicting feelings right now, albeit, on a much smaller scale.
This is why I'm downplaying Miya's reaction to Naruto. Right now she is fighting her own desire to bond with him.
As to your other question, I don't really have a favorite character to write for. I like all of the characters I write. I don't think my story would be as good if I actually had a favorite.
Guest: Naruto will take the kids gloves off soon, though, it will likely be done in a way you don't expect.
Regfurby: I can see why you would feel Naruto's fluctuating personality is a cause for concern. Let me see if I can clear up the reason for his constant change of emotions.
Naruto is currently struggling against himself. A part of him wants nothing more than to leave all this behind, the Sekirei Plan, his Sekirei, the people he's met, everything. This part of him, the one you see most of the time but has been coming out more and more recently, is more or less a shield, a protective shell that he shows to the world so he can't be hurt by losing people he loves anymore. After all, if you can't get close to someone, it won't hurt you when they die.
On the other hand, that's not really who Naruto is. Naruto is the kind of person who cherishes his bonds. He wants more than anything to love and be loved. To have people he can protect and cherish and love. It is a fundamental part of his psyche that not even 6,000 years can take away. And yet it is this very part of him that has caused him so much pain over the years. How many people has he grown close to only to watch them die? How many women has he loved, only to be forced to sit there and watch on helplessly as they fade from his life? How much tragedy has seen? How many times was he forced to watch as his dreams of a peaceful world were burned to ash by the very humans he was trying to bring this peace about for? There is a reason he has avoided getting to close to people for a little over a thousand years, you know.
This is why is personality fluctuates so much. He currently has two, though in the beginning he had three. One is his true personality, the other is a shell, a mask that he presents to others in order to protect himself.
As to your other comment, no one is perfect. Naruto makes mistakes like everyone else.
Dragonblaze9173: Actually, if you go back to when Naruto and Matsu were talking before he met with Takami, you would know that Naruto is the one who presented Matsu with the information on the Sekirei Crests.
Wyverns: Would you think you're still human after upwards of 5,000 years of life? Naruto is immortal. He has lived far longer than any human has a right too, and he has more power than any human has ever dreamed of. How can he be human when he has so much power? When he has lived for so long? What's more, you have to understand that Naruto doesn't like humanity as a whole. He has seen the ugly side of humanity far too often for his liking, and it's given him a disgust for his own species. He doesn't want to associate himself with a race of beings that are perfectly willing to commit genocide, that use religion as an excuse for war, that are greedy and self-centered and perfectly willing to hurt others if it means getting what they want. It's hypocritical of him, but then, he is still human even if he doesn't want to admit it.
Velial Madness: Naruto's not angsty because he is immortal, but because his immortality has forced him to watch every person he has ever loved die. Its forced him to watch as his dreams of a peaceful world were spat on by those he was building this world for. How would you feel if you tried to bring peace to a world for over 5,000 years only to fail each and every time? How would you feel if you fell in love and started a family, only to watch as time and time again, the family you created, loved and cherished perished either by the trials of age or the flames of war, disease and famine? For someone like Naruto, who cherishes bonds more than anything else, immortality is the biggest curse you can wish upon him.
Joe Lawyer: Yes, he can use the Flying Thunder God. He just doesn't use it very often.

Guest: Wow! I'm surprised. You're complaining after reading 30 chapters of my story because it's not going the way you want it to! How about this. Why don't you write your own Naruto/Sekirei story and make it more popular than mine. After that, we'll talk.