Friday, May 30, 2014

Devil Ninja, Chapter 4

Devil Ninja Chapter 4 Q&A
Cerulean Knight: You know, I don't actually remember what Ero-Debegame means. I remember looking up a good nickname for Naruto to call Issei but couldn't find any. Then I google translated two words individually and combine them to get Debegame...the problem is I don't remember what two words I translated. Lol.
Now, without giving away any real spoilers, I can't tell you much about Kurama. All I can say is that he has a part to play in this may be indirectly, or he may be more involved than you think, but he will have some kind of role here.
Naruto's mutated piece is going to be very unique, and I will explain why after the Rating Game with Raizer arc.
A good question. The answer to that is no, Naruto is not part youkai, at least not right now. Who knows what the future holds though. He may become a youkai due to Kurama's chakra at some point, but plot twists like that are a long ways off.
ShadowStar91: You make a very good point, however, without going into too much detail let me assuage your fears about this flaw you found. First, know that I have actually thought about that very same thing and come up with a suitable hypothesis (at least a hypothesis that is suitable and within the boundaries for a Shonen Manga) for why Naruto is able to be a member of Rias's peerage even though his piece is not a standard Evil Piece of even a standard Mutated Piece. It actually ties intimately into why Naruto is here and why Rias is the one who has him in her peerage. This is something that will be explained later in the story, like, after the the Rating Game with Raizer.
Pltrgest: You know something? I agree. Fortunately, you will be getting more BAMF in the next chapter. Please look forward to it.
Kid Coheed: I did indeed. I actually originally tried putting it into the chapter itself, but it just wouldn't fit anywhere so I ended up using it as an Omake. I'll probably do more so don't hesitate to give me any ideas for what you want to see.
As for your thoughts on Naruto's Evil Piece...well, I can't give away any spoilers, but I think you'll be thoroughly pleased when I do the big “reveal” about what his piece is and why Rias was able to use it to reincarnate him.
NarutoDkurosaki: In the High School DxD world Kurama would be ranked at the same level as one of the Twin Heavenly Dragons, Albion and Ddraig. And if you want another comparison, then the Juubi is on a level of power just short of Ophis

nrvbdnd: You and everyone else. Don't worry. The action will pick up soon.