Thursday, May 22, 2014

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Saphira113: I'll certainly see what I can do about Blaise. Eventually all of the characters that are in Harry's “Inner Circle” will get their spotlight time, but it's a bit harder to make some of them more established right now because their parts simply aren't as big. Blaise is a support character unlike, say, Daphne, who is a Main Character. It doesn't help that he's more the “silent and observant” type unlike Tracey and Terry who are constantly getting “screen time” because they're always arguing. But don't worry, Blaise has a part to play and it'll come when it comes.

Lucius' dislike of Blaise's mother has less to do with her antics and more to do with her power. Lucius knows that if she wanted to, Blaise's mom could easily cause him trouble. She just doesn't right now because A) she has no reason to and B) she finds it amusing to watch others squirm.

As for Selene, I have already said this but she will not be around until the Fourth Book.

Serialkeller: No. Harry Potter has perfect memory, not a Sharingan. Being able to “see” someone do something means absolutely nothing if you don't understand “how” it's being done. Just because Harry sees someone do something does not mean he'll be able to replicate it.

FreeTraderBeowolf: Big chamber of secrets scene? I think you're mistaking something here. My story has next to nothing to do with the chamber of secrets. The chamber of secrets is merely JK Rowling's plot running parallel to my own. Sorry if you think the story is moving slow, but I think that has more to do with your perception of what the plot is, rather than what the story is really about.

I am glad you like my version of Dumbledore. Too many people turn him into either a “Manipulative 'Master Chess player' (just what does that mean anyways?)” a “Dark Lord in Disguise” or a “Misguided old fool who makes mistakes no one in charge of a school full of children should make.” While I get why people feel Dumbledore may be one of those three, I never understood why those versions were so popular other than because of how easy they are to write.

CapJackSparrow21: Why did anything in the original Harry Potter happen? Because that's how JK Rowling “wanted” it to happen. All the things that happened, none of that is Dumbledore's fault. It's Rowling's for not thinking about how some readers might take his actions. Dumbledore is merely a plot device used by Rowling to take her plot in the direction she wants it to go.

Iryelb: Patience. Luna has only just been introduced. Don't worry. I'll explore her character in more depth a little later. She's just not that important to my overall story right now. I really only added a scene in her perspective for the comedy.

NarutoDkurosaki: Harry hasn't done anything about Sirius because he doesn't even know Sirius is innocent. Please remember that Harry only remembers things that happen around him while he's awake. If something, like, say, Peter Pettigrew becoming the Potter's Secret Keeper happens when Harry is not around or sleeping, he's not going to know about it happening. The truth is that Harry has no clue that Sirius was not the Secret Keeper. He doesn't even know about the Fidelius Charm that hid his home because he was not present when it was cast.

Dante 101: Harry performed silent casting when they were practicing because he was not giving a demonstration. As a rule of thumb, he prefers to cast his spells silently because it's more efficient than saying the spell every time he casts it. He simply didn't want to case silently when he was helping Shacklebolt by demonstrating how to use the spell in front of class because it wouldn't have helped those who were watching if he did.

Fabian Firman: That's something I can't tell you. I'm not one to give spoilers away.

Totalsolution: Normally you would be right, Harry isn't the type to rely on one law. But in this case that one law is all he has. It's literally the “only” law he can rely on to get a favorable outcome. There are no other loopholes that can be used to get Daphne out from under her father's thumb. Don't mistake “not wanting to do something” with “he has no other option but to rely on this one small hope.” Those are two very important emotional differences.

Maesde: He still has it, he just doesn't show it off.