Friday, June 6, 2014

Devil Ninja, Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Q&A

Emperor Of Pandemonium: So is Naruto ever gonna recover his chakra and strength? Also I am curious is Naruto gonna have the powers he has now in the manga?

A: Naruto will eventually recover his chakra and strength. In fact, at some point in the story Naruto's power will surpass those of what he currently has in the manga. Characters in the High School DxD universe are much more powerful than characters in the Narutoverse. I think only Kaguya Otsusuki and, maybe, Madara Uchiha, would be able to stand on par with any of the DxD characters. Even then, Kaguya would probably lose to someone like Sirzechs Lucifer, who is one of the top ten strongest beings in the world. From what I understand of the DxD universe, people like Sirzechs are pretty much like Gods. In fact, Sirzechs is far more powerful than even some of the Gods in the DxD world. I remember in the light novels he unleashed his power when threatening Hades, Greek God of the Underworld, scaring the other entity into submission. Kaguya has the powers of a god, but that really only means her powers are probably around the same level as some of the gods in DxD, which means Sirzechs is more than likely a lot more powerful than she is.

Guest: Will Naruto get something that is completely badass nobody, not even Naruto himself will expect it.

A: I do eventually plan on giving Naruto some extra powers and abilities that he does not have in the canon. Mainly because, let's face it, with all the super-powered beings in High School DxD, he's going to need all the power he can get.

Johndevildogbell: And what happened to Kurama/Kyuubi?

A: I will eventually explain what happened to Kurama in chapter 9.

0 Jordinio 0: Well, this was much better than the other chapters. But a few parts made me cringe. Chakra does not determine strength. Your Naruto is as strong as any Kage, stronger even. He just doesn't have the chakra to fight at that level for more than what looks like 30 second at this point. So why do you refer to him as attempting to be as strong as an 'average level Jonin'.

It's a real turn off for this story.

Anyway, how is his recent power-ups gonna effect this story? Because at this point Naruto has gone god-mode. As far as his powers go, he can 'do anything' now. As quoted by him.

A: You obviously don't understand how to read between the lines, or look underneath the underneath as Kakashi would say. First off, when I say Naruto wants to be as strong as the average jonin, I am speaking chakra wise, nothing more, nothing less. You are talking about skill, not chakra. If it was simply a matter of skill, then yes, Naruto would be stronger than the average jonin. But there is a difference between skill and power. I'm honestly a little disappointed that you don't seem to recognize that difference.

Also, Naruto has NEVER been "stronger than any Kage." I don't know where you got that crap, but Naruto, canon Naruto, is about as strong as a kage, maybe a bit stronger now due to the recent power-up he was given by Hagoromo.

You also failed to grasp what I meant when I wrote about sealing, which is where I assume you got the "do anything" quote from. I merely put that anything is "possible" with sealing, not that Naruto can "do anything" he wants. Naruto is not at the level of sealing where he has that kind of unlimited potential. He is nowhere near even Jiraiya's level, much less the level his mom and dad were at when it comes to the sealing art, and they were not at the level where they could "do anything" as you put it.