Friday, June 6, 2014

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Before I begin with the Q&A let me just say this: I did not kill off Hermione Granger simply because I wanted to. I actually like Hermione. I believe I've mentioned this before, but Hermione reminds me of my sister, and despite the arguments I've gotten into with her, I do love my sister. That being said, I know that some of you hated it when she was killed off while others were overjoyed. I don't really get it, but that's how it goes. I just wanted all of you to know that.

Now, on with the inquisition!

mlmswimgirl: I'd just like to say that your stories are fantastic and I can"t wait to read more. I have one question or request: Can Hermione come back as a ghost? Update soon please!

A: The answer is no, Hermione will not be coming back to life. Not even as a ghost. There was a reason I killed her off, and if she came back as a ghost, her death will have been pretty much pointless. The only way I would bring her back was if Voldemort resurrected her using necromancy and forced her to kill her friends...which would be pretty damn evil of me.

Coho Commanche: Hermione was way too smart to do something so stupid. It's not very realistic. Now, had it been someone else, then yes, it would be more realistic.

A: Are you trying to say that Hermione is too smart to get killed? You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Hermione doesn't even know that the creature in the Chamber of Secrets is a basilisk. There were several important pieces of information that led her to that conclusion in canon, which she did not have in my story because she didn't bother investigating the chamber because Harry told her not to. How would she know how to avoid getting herself killed when she doesn't even know what's causing the people at Hogwarts to become petrified?

kamao7: Why do people always kill Hermione? First MoR, then this...

She may have been a secondary character and expendable, and that's fair, but she's still likeable.

Eh, maybe Harry will get into Necromancy next. He's learning every other magic under the sun.

A: First off, almost no one kills off Hermione. No one. You listed one fan fiction that did it and then generalized it with every fanfic. I have never, in all my years of reading fan fiction, read a fanfic where someone had the guts to kill off Hermione Granger. Even stories that bash her character don't kill her off. Also, I killed her exactly because she is a likable character. If she was hated by everyone, her death would have no purpose.

And no, there will be no necromancy. At least not on Harry's part.

Plums: "Anyone attempting to leave will be punished severely."

I wonder if you'll go the route of letting the authorities resolve this, and having Harry simply stay where here's at. Would be very interesting to see a squad or two of Auror's blunder into a possessed Ginny, and see what ramifications that brings to everyone... from the Weasley Family, to Dumbledore since the wards didn't detect a cursed object like that.

If Hogwarts closes then the next day, and they're all thrown on the train, I wonder where you'll send Harry.

A: You make an interesting point. It would be interesting to see this happen, but I think we both know it won't. The problem with your idea is two-fold. First, Ginny is in the Chamber of Secrets. No one but Harry can enter the chamber, and he won't be telling the aurors how to get in. Second, well, plot reasons, naturally. You understand. I kind of need a confrontation between Tom and Harry in order to move the plot. Thankfully, it won't be as bad as the plot devices that JK Rowling uses...I hope.

Elredar Skylance: Sadly, I'm not surprised by you killing off Hermione. Throughout this chapter and the last, you had Hermione becoming overly affectionate, have a brief display of power that was above average, and a mention of one of her dreams. In short, you made this chapter a sort of farewell so I am not surprised, though I am disappointed since Hermione, in general, is one of my favorite characters. I've also been expecting you to kill off a character, but had hoped it would be someone else. Hermione appeared to me to be the only one who wasn't romantically interested in him and was also an intellectual equal. Oh well, I will continue to read this even though I am disappointed. You have an excellent story, despite falling for a few cliches and flaws that every author goes through, and I look forward to what you post next.

A: You and me both. Like I mentioned before, I like Hermione. I may hate the Harmony pairing, but I like Hermione. Which was, as I said, the reason I killed her off. Because she was likable and someone had to die for the sake of the plot and development of my characters.

rutabaga9: It's pretty hard to claim that you are still operating in JKR's HP world, with Hermione gone. LoTR would not be JRRT's LoTR with Samwise removed. But if you try to have a fanfic LoTR, with Frodo but without Samwise, you're no longer in JRRT's world, but you aren't in your own original fictional world either.

A: I find this excerpt from your review kind of funny, to be honest. You claim that I cannot write a Harry Potter fan fiction without Hermione, however, you fail to consider the hundreds of thousands of HP fanfics out there that don't even have Hermione Granger in them. Are you telling me that all of the fan fiction stories about the Marauder Era, or the fanfics where Harry goes back to the time of the Four Founders (without Hermione, mind you) are not true HP fan fiction? If that is the case, then you have a very strange way of looking at things.

Now, you mentioned how LoTR would not be JRRT's LoTR without Samwise. I'm going to destroy your argument right here by saying this fan fiction is not JKR's Harry Potter. This fan fiction is MY story, which was merely derived from JKR's Harry Potter. Therefore, your entire point about how killing off a central character from canon no longer means I'm no longer in that authors world is complete bogus. The HP universe doesn't revolve around Hermione Granger. Hell, it doesn't even revolve around Harry Potter, and he's the main character.

Fictional worlds are derived solely from the concept of which they are created. Harry Potter's world is based on the concept of a magical world that is hidden from the non-magical world that we are a part of. And this concept, according to Rowling, was created BEFORE Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley ever existed. I could write a story about an OC who went to Hogwarts with Harry and the others, yet never mention Hermione Granger even once and it would still be considered HP fan fiction because Hogwarts exists, the magical world exists, and the Ministry of Magic exists.

Just because someone kills off your favorite character doesn't mean it's not fan fiction. I bet you if I had killed of Ron Weasley you wouldn't be telling me how my story was no longer a fan fiction from the Harry Potter universe.

Greatazuredragon: Couldn't you kill some minor character? I mean, for instance who would miss Finnigan or even Ron?

A: I could have killed a minor character, but who would care? Would you even be bothered if I killed Seamus or Ron? Would you cry and go "Oh no! Not Ronald Weasley!" Of course not. And that is exactly the reason I did not kill off one of the minor characters. I wanted you to feel Hermione's death. To really feel it. To feel sadness that she's gone. To feel a sense of loss. It's important for a writer to invoke emotions in their readers. If you feel nothing for the death of a character, then I have obviously failed as a writer.

cloud711aus: Good chapter, however I feel like you are overplaying Harry's political "mistake" from last chapter waaaay too much, I get how as a part of the story it will help to temper Harry and his actions, but I never once felt like it was a big mistake to be called out on, as in it would have a massive affect on his plans. If Harry is trying to campaign for change and base things more on a meritocracy rather than blood, then he isn't going to be getting much support from those that are firm believers in blood purity anyway unless he appeals to their sense of selfishness, in which case it shouldn't matter anyway as Andromeda clearly got results. 

Like I said, whilst I understand WHY you are doing it, I never felt whilst reading that it was an "ohhhhh shit" moment or anything along those lines. 

A: I understand your point, and to an extent you are right. What you must also understand though, is that Harry being overly critical over his failure against Malfoy is just a part of his character. He is a perfectionist. Harry demands success at everything he does, and when he does not succeed it bothers him. What you are seeing right now is Harry making a mountain out of a molehill. You'll find out in the next chapter that Harry's political "fall out" was not as bad as he makes it out to be.

Lightningblade4(: Jesus that's a bomb I wasn't expecting with her death your probably write about some people loosing interest I do like hermoine but im interested how this would effect the story either way I expect harry to keep a very close eye on his friends from now on. 
Would this effect muggleborn population of Hogwarts attendance in the future they would not feel safe anymore at Hogwarts?

Dumbledore position as well will definitely be very shaky.

A: Hermione's death is going to have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences. Even I, the author cannot see them all, but I'm going to tell you now that even though she is technically gone, Hermione still has a large role to play. I plan on using her death to do some seriously character development for all of the support characters in Harry's circle, as well as giving Harry himself a major emotional and mental overhaul. Of course, Hermione's death will also effect everyone at Hogwarts and the Ministry, not just her friends.

So, I apologize if some of the answers appear sarcastic. There not really meant to be, but it is kind of frustrating when some people seem to think feel my story is horribly written just because I killed off their favorite canon character. It makes me wonder how George RR Martin manages things after he killed off more than 80% of the main characters in A Song of Fire and Ice.