Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shifts in Life, Chapter 44

Chapter 44

magen-luhen: If you don't like what I write you can always stop reading. I don't force you to read my stories. You also clearly don't understand how Shounen manga works. First off, Ishidate actually IS strong enough to give Kyuubi Naruto a decent fight, or at least canon Kyuubi Naruto. This guy was able to fight off Kakashi and turn his arm to stone. Yes, part of that was due to the poison Kakashi inhaled before the fight, but it does not change the facts, and Kakashi is currently stronger than my Naruto even when Naruto is using the Kyuubi's chakra to enhance his battle capabilities.

SlayerX86: First, those three chumps are stronger than you think. I know you want Naruto to be some awesome badass shinobi who can destroy all opposition sent his way (or in other words a Gary-stu), but that's not how my stories work. To start, Ishidate is a Jonin level shinobi. He may not be as strong as Kakashi, but he's still powerful. Kongo and Karenbana are both Chunin level. Now, one on one Naruto could own any of those three, Ishidate included, but three on one? No, Naruto put up a good fight, but he would not stand a chance in a three-on-one battle against them. And that's what this was. And I'm sorry you didn't like the cliff hanger, I dislike cliff hangers as well, but that was the best time to end the chapter.

Heh naruko: That's because you're looking at the details rather than the big picture. I never do anything without a damn good reason. These arcs that you're calling filler are there for a reason, they have a purpose to serve. A part of it is to help develop Naruto's character, but there's an even bigger reason for adding these chapters, which I will reveal later on in the story.

0 Jordinio 0: Considering your last review, I'm not surprised you didn't like this chapter. I have my reasons for what I did. For one thing, Naruto can't use his Yokai right now. That transformation you saw? It was a singular event that happened under incredible duress. He doesn't have any control over it right now. And I'm not sure how you can say I skipped most of it. While I didn't give you a 20,000+ word fight, I wrote quite a bit. And the reason the genjutsu cast on him was not dispelled will be revealed in the next chapter, if you have not already read it.
Also, that is NOT the way it works in canon. In canon Naruto sucks at genjutsu and neither he nor the Kyuubi have any luck dispelling them. I don't know where you got that idea, except from maybe mixing up all the fanfiction you read with canon, but we have never seen anything that would indicate the Kyuubi's chakra can dispel a genjutsu.

Aetemus: You have to understand Jiraiya's position right now. Yes, Jiraiya is an awesome ninja, and in normal circumstances he would have never let himself get poisoned like that. The problem is right now Jiraiya isn't really thinking straight. He's depressed and worried because Naruto isn't taking the news of his heritage or the fact that Jiraiya is his godfather very well. Point in fact, Naruto has been ignoring Jiraiya for most of the arc. It's because Jiraiya is distracted by his thoughts of how to fix his relationship with Naruto that he allowed himself to get poisoned. It doesn't help that the poison is tasteless and odorless. Do not forget, Kakashi got poisoned in canon this way, and while he's not as strong as Jiraiya he is much smarter than Jiraiya.
You would think so, but no, Naruto is not more compatible with Kyuubi's chakra. The reasons shall be explained in the next chapter.