Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ashikabi no Shinobi, Chapter 38

ddddd5: Naruto is immortal. But his sekirei are not. But the good news is i found a reviewer with a very interesting theory about how to gain eternal life.

he/she said this and i quotes:

Good story so far, one of the best in this crossover genre, however you are wrong about a couple of things. You stated the 'Mate Mark' excuse won't work since Naruto's not a Demon in this story, you seem to forget about Fuinjutsu and Juinjutsu which can be used to mimic 'Mate Mark', an example is Orochimaru's 'Ten no Juin', one person actually made it a plot in their story that it was a bastardized version of a 'Mate Mark' and if you think about it, it really is. The Ten no Juin binds the wearer and Orochimaru's life-forces together, basically through their chakra and souls, it has been mentioned that Orochimaru can actually draw on the chakra of the wearers through the Ten no Juin and was proven when Kabuto used it to power the mass Edo Tensei using Anko, though this was mentioned back during the first part of the series. We also know it now ties the souls together since Sasuke also used Anko's mark to literally revive Orochimaru, who was previously sealed away in Susanoo's 'World of Drunken Dreams', it wouldn't be hard for Naruto to break down and reverse engineer this into a fuinjutsu that instead of taking the wearer's life it instead shares Naruto's life force, and thus his immortality with his lovers, it's a very possible scenario. Even though you haven't mentioned yet if Naruto is a master of Fuinjutsu, I'm sure if he's immortal then he's probably trained in countless arts to master levels just to stave off his boredom, stories with Naruto being immortal but still only knowing the Rasengan are so stupid, Naruto is technically as obsessed with Ninpo as Orochimaru is. There is also the now less frequently used Uzumaki clan 'Mate Mark' which has been featured in several older Uzumakicest stories where when an Uzumaki mates with someone they are destined to be with, they form a mark that shares their life forces, usually seen in older 'NaruKushi' stories.

Answer: We're gonna have to agree to disagree here. To start, the so-called "Mating Mark" is complete Fanon. It does not exist within the Naruto universe as created by Kishimoto. Now, while my story is indeed AU to a large extent, the laws of the universe created by Kishi for Naruto still exist. That means anything that is purely FANON does not exist in this story. Hence, there is no such thing as a "Mating Mark." Besides, whose to say Naruto hasn't tried something like this and failed? And I know which stories you're talking about. I'm not going this route. Honestly, it's a cop-out way to deal with immortality.

Also, the Ten no Juin is not an immortality jutsu so much as a receptacle for Orochimaru's soul, giving him  a form of psuedo immortality. It locks away a portion of his soul, which allows him to enter the body of another and take it for himself. It's complete different from a mating mark as defined by FANON facts.

Aidan Kennedy: Are you going to deal with Higa before finishing this story? I'm asking because since Higa put a bounty on Naruto's head, and in my opinion he should be taken out of the game... permanently. Especially with how he treats most of his Sekirei. Please give us an answer in your next chapter and update soon!

Answer: I do plan on dealing with Higa. I think you'll be surprised to see what I have planned for him. ^_^

Cal The Puppet: I finally figured out what was bothering me about this fic... If he doesn't care hurting people why not just bijubomb Minaka? Or why didn't he remove his sekirei as well as kuno? There's just way to many plot holes...

Answer: Don't mistake apathy for psychotic. The reason Naruto doesn't just use a Bijudama is because if he did, then the entire city would become a smoking crater. Naruto doesn't care if people die, however, he's also not going to go out of his way to kill them. He's apathetic, remember. He just doesn't care. And the reason he hasn't removed his Sekirei from Japan should be obvious. He's there because they want to participate. Tsukiumi wants to be the strongest and Musubi wants to fight Karasuba in the Sekirei Plan. He can't have them do that if they don't compete.

Axcel: Silly Naruto, you could make peace by using jutsu to ensure there is plenty of resources for everyone in all parts of the world and every nation. Most conflicts are over resources, even if governments or cultures use other things as excuses or scapegoats, it is ultimately for resources. Even the Crusades were begun because trade to the Holy Land was basically cut-off by civil wars in the region.

Answer: Not really. I mean, yes, resources are some of the problems. But the real problem is human nature. Human beings fight almost as if it's all they know, all they can do. Naruto HAS made attempts at bringing peace by doing exactly what you say. What do you think his stint as Jesus Christ was supposed to do? However, no matter how many times he's tried or the methods he's tried, none of them have worked. Greed and jealousy cause war just as surely as a desire for resources.

FlawlessCowboy2552: You know, one thing I think this story could use would be a few chapters detailing a typical day from the eyes of Naruto's flock. Such a thing would be instrumental at understanding how they think. 

If you would like some reference as to the kind of chapters that I am talking about, there is an Evangelion fic on this site authored by Crazy-88 called "Once More with Feeling" that has a trio of chapters called "Three Colors" that each are the same day written from the perspective of each of the three pilots. In that sequence, both Rei's and Asuka's chapters were unbelievably useful in both fleshing out their characters beyond their stereotypical portrayals. In this case, it might also serve as a means to help everyone see the training that Naruto is putting each of the Sekirei through.

A good place to put it might be right now in a potential two or so day lull that I'm assuming will come before the next round in the third stage.

Answer: Already have one planned. ^_^