Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ashikabi no Shinobi, Chapter

JumpingToastNaruto is hella cynical in this fic but not that I blame em considering his past. Still, love cannot really conquer all but its flame cannot be extinguished and it is not to be underestimated as well. Also, if humanity was really as crappy as Naruto think it is then well... humanity would have killed itself a long long long time ago. Hope the humanoid god realizes that at some point.

Answer: Naruto's jaded by his past. Some part of him probably realizes that humanity isn't as bad as he thinks, but he's seen so many wars, so much death, and so many people killing each other out of greed and hatred that he's grown to despise humanity. It doesn't help that everyone he has loved before now has died, usually at the hands of a human.

JensendDaniels32: This is, as always, AMAZING! You are, by far, my favorite author/fanfiction writer on . I cannot even begin to tell you how incredible it feels to read this. The love, action, activities, the scenes and mentions of how afraid people are of him, the effects that it has had on people (like most everyone leaving the city), THE SEX, and every other element combined are perfect in length and everything else I can think of! Until chapter 33, I had been a impatient about when Naruto would show his true power and share his secrets and life with him, but now, I see that it was all worth it! Now, everything is really exciting! I'm so excited for the next chapter, too! :D By the way, I have a thought, in case you start running low on ideas: Have you considering bringing Hinata back with the Jinki, now that NaruHina is officially canon?

Answer: I will never bring Hinata, or anyone else from Naruto's time, back. While Hinata may be the official canon pairing, it never happened in my fan fic. Naruto and Hinata never got together, and Hinata never confessed her feelings to Naruto. Aside from that, I dislike the NaruHina pairing in general. I write what I like, and that is one pairing that I do not like.

Hakuryukou79Damn! How many Gods did Naruto impersonate? I mean whats next? Odin, Indra, or even Amon Ra? Good luck and keep up the good work.

Answer: Pretty much every religion and every pantheon was created around Naruto's image. Each pantheon of gods is basically Naruto and various sons and daughters. Shinto, Greek, Norse, Hindu, all of these religions started with Naruto.

Angga the blue emperor: To be honest man i’m still disappointed, you know why, cause uzume not in naruto harem but i’m happy cause add miya and kezehana and if you can make uzume lime with naruto, and when tsukumi and naruto in lime scene...

Answer: There will be no UzumexNaruto lemon. Uzume is Chiho's Sekirei, not Naruto's. The thing about Sekirei is they don't love anyone but the person they are bound to. Uzume might like Naruto as a person, but the only one she'll be doing the hanky pankey with any time soon is Chiho.