Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nyan Koi

One of the things about this blog that you should know is that I don't just recommend anime that you should watch, but also recommend anime that you shouldn't watch.

Nyan koi is an anime that you shouldn't watch.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying this is a god awful anime, or that's it's so insanely horrible that it makes me want to go out and murder cats or something. It's just not that good. It's boring. It's plane. It's filled with cliche's. None of the characters feel original. This is the stereotypical harem anime where every character is essentially a cardboard cutout and has no real personality beyond their archetype. There's just so little in this story that's original, that makes it stand out.

So, let's look at the characters first. You've got Junpei Kosaka, who's personality is pretty much what you'd expect of a harem protagonist. I've seen brick walls with more originality than this guy. You've also got Kaede Mizuno, who is the girl next door and something of a Mary-Su character. Of course what harem comedy would be complete without a love rival, a set of magical twins, and a girl who acts like a man, right? Right. Basically, all of these characters have no true personality. You could supplant any name into this anime and it wouldn't make a difference, because these characters aren't really characters so much as they're cookie cutter archetypes with no real development.

The story itself is, surprisingly, somewhat original. Basically, Junpei breaks the Jizo cat statue and becomes cursed. If he doesn't want to turn into a cat, he must help 100 cats in order for the curse to be lifted. It sounds easy, but since Junpei just so happens to be allergic to cats, it's a lot harder for him than it would be for you or me. And unfortunately, while the plot is sort of original, the anime itself is littered with so many cliche's and over used plot devices that the originality of the plot is pretty much smothered by everything else.

One thing that bugs the crap out of me about anime like this is how no one seems capable of confessing to anyone. You've got a guy who likes the girl but can't tell her for some reason. The girl who likes the guy but refuses to admit it. The girl who thinks she likes the guy but isn't sure so she says nothing. The only ones who do confess is one of the twins (and she's a stalker so I don't count her), and the girl who acts like a guy. Seriously people! These are high school students, not middle school brats who don't know how to confess. Maybe I would feel differently if the main character actually had a reason for not confessing, but he doesn't. He's just not confessing because, I don't know, they never say, and that's the problem. If he was shy around girls, then maybe I could see it. Or if he and Kaede were best friends, then maybe it would make sense. But he's not shy around women and he and Kaede are barely passing acquaintances when the anime starts. There is no reason he shouldn't confess, so it bugs the crap out of me when he doesn't.

I can't give this anime a good rating, nor can I recommend it. It's too contrived, too cliche, and the characters are two stereotypical. While it's not the most awful anime I've ever seen. It certainly won't be making any top ten, or even top one-hundred, lists.

I give this anime a 4/10.