Thursday, May 30, 2013

Q&A? Hawa, it's so short...

ShadowStar91: Yes, Minato will play a roll in this story just like Yukari. It won't be a very big roll, but there will be a roll for him to play nonetheless.

kleshchevand: Honestly, I don't know how old Chiho is, but I do know that the legal age for consent in Japan is 13. That means if you are 13 years old, you are legally able to have sex without worry about being arrested or something.

marcusrose: Yes, Naruto has been a father. I've actually alluded to this several times without really mentioning it. Don't know if you can figure out how, but anyone who does will get a cyber cookie!

My own Thoughts on Ashikabi no Shinobi:

Not many people had any real long questions for me to answer, so I figured I would talk more about my experiences with writing.

Ashikabi no Shinobi is definitely one of the more interesting stories for me to write. This is due, in large part, to just how many characters I contain in any given seen. Sometimes I'll only have one or two, but there are many other times where my story will have six, seven, eight, or even nine people all together, all talking at the same time. It can get very confusing to write more than one conversation at the same time because you need to space both conversations out between each other without confusing your readers.

I think this is why most people stick with only having a few characters that matter in any given scene. Oh sure, they might have eight or nine people within a scene, maybe even more, but only two or three will actually have any importance to the dialogue.

Of course, that just makes me see this story as an intellectual exercise. It's a challenge to find the right combination between two or more conversations that are happening simultaneously.

And this isn't even going into how fricken difficult it is to write a story about a completely overpowered god-like Naruto's journey from cold, unfeeling bastard to a less naive version of who he used to be. That's even more difficult than engaging in several conversations at once in a single scene!

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