Thursday, July 4, 2013

The home stretch... sort of.

It's Thursday, and for those of you who know me, you should know what that means. Tomorrow, chapter 26 of Ashikabi no Shinobi will be posted and ready for you too read. Let us all pray to the log and hope this chapter will be even more awesome than any of my previous ones.

And now that all this boring news is out of the way, do any of you like to cosplay? I only ask because I recently ordered a super awesome Link costume... or, well, part of a Link costume. I'll have to make some parts, but I think I can do it even though I have no costume making abilities.

Yeah, I know. I'm a useless costume maker. Go on, laugh it up. Have a joke at my expense. I don't mind.

Anyways, as I was saying, I ordered this Link costume, it hasn't come in yet, but it's pretty damn awesome. I've never really cosplayed much before. My first experience was actually my first comicon that I went to with my at the time girlfriend around 3 years ago. It was pretty fun, we dressed as Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed, which was pretty fun.

I think I might still have pictures somewhere, maybe.

Ever since than I've been really into cosplaying. I have a number of costumes; Cloud from Advent Children, Squall Lionheart from Final Fantasy 8 and Dante from Devil May Cry 3. My Link costume still hasn't come in yet, but hopefully it will in a few weeks.

So, any of you cosplay fanatics have an awesome costume you'd like to share with us?

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