Friday, April 19, 2013

The Start of a Most Epic Blog

Well, here I am. I've decided to post this blog for people who are curious about my thoughts or have questions they have written in their reviews on my stories.

If you are on this blog, you are probably a fan of my work and found the link on my profile page or at the end of one of my chapters.

If you aren't a fan, then I'm honestly not sure why you are here. Perhaps you took a wrong turn.

In either event, this blog will feature answers to all those questions you guys ask me in your reviews. Yes, I have decided that it is much to difficult PM each and every person who asks me a question, especially when a lot of people tend to ask the same question. At the same time, I don't want to bump up my word count with a long QA in my chapter. That's just bad writing. So here, in this place, at this time... somewhere, all questions will be answered.

Oh, and I will also let everyone know my thoughts on my stories and the like, just in case you're interested in what goes on through the mind of one of's most insane writers.