Saturday, April 20, 2013

Naruto Shippuden: NNR

I wanted to make a quick apology to those who were expecting Naruto to learn of his Senju status in chapter 24. The truth is, I had planned on him learning his status, but then I realized that meant I would have been neglecting Pains attack of Kumo, which I needed to have happen around the same time.

For those of you who are curious. Yes, the next chapter featuring Naruto he will learn about his Senju status, but that will not happen until after the assault on Kumogakure arc is complete, that way I don't split up scenes between the attack on Kumo and Naruto learning of his heritage.

The Naruto/Harry Potter flub

So for those of you who missed it before I went in and corrected it, yes, I made a big mistake when writing the third chapter to my Harry Potter story, Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin. In short, in one of my sentences, I called Harry, Naruto. Yes, Naruto, as in Naruto Uzumaki, that loud mouthed blond we all know and love.

Now then, to answer a few questions and comments from you reviewers.

Nicolas Flamel's surprise visit:

A lot of people seem to be confused about how Nicolas Flamel just appeared in Harry's room before Harry sent the letter. The reason you are confused is because Harry actually DID send the letter, you just didn't see it because I did not make it blatantly obvious. The change in scene from Harry meeting with the Bones to Harry spending time with Lisa was meant to show the progression of time without being overly obvious about it. I didn't want to do one those 'and so and so days passed. Harry did this, and that, and this and that'. That's a very boring way to write, and I'm trying to stay away from it.

For those of you who are curious however, about a week passed between the time Harry spent with Susan and Amelia and the time Harry was spending with Lisa. That's more than enough time for him to send his letter to Nicolas Flamel.

Evil Albus Dumbldore?

Here is something I feel the need to address before people get the wrong idea. In a lot of fanfiction stories, Albus Dumbledore is often seen as an evil, manipulative old man who is 'building' Harry out to be a martyr for the 'Greater Good' and crap.

That ISN'T what's happening here. In my story Albus Dumbledore is strictly a good guy. He and Harry may not always see eye to eye in the coming series, but Dumbledore will always be one of the good guys.

For those of you who curious, the two wars Dumbledore fought in are: the one against his former lover Gellert Grendelwald, and the one against Voldemort. And no, he DID NOT hide behind his wards or whatever, he actually fought in the war.

Harry's oblivious nature towards woman:

Many people have commented on how because Harry is a genus, he should recognize when a woman is coming on to him. I will counter argue that saying that because he is a genus he would not recognize when a woman is coming onto him... not unless it's so blatantly obvious like a girl kissing him on the lips.

Harry is oblivious towards woman because, to put it quite simply, Harry doesn't care about romance. He feels that romance can wait and there are more important things for him to do; studying magic, martial arts, studying magic, kicking ass, you know, important things.

Think of it like this, because Harry is so caught up in doing his own thing, romance just does not show up on his radar. It's like how some people get tunnel vision, you focus on this goal so much that you just don't see everything else happening around you.


animekingmike asked me in a review about how Harry could keep pace with the conversation between him and Amelia Bones after his memory had been taken for the pensieve.

First, let me go into how pensieves work. When someone has their memory taken out, it is gone until such as a time as you put the memory back in. People CAN create a copy of their memories, and even create false memories that will allow them to attain their original memory (as was the case with Slughorn), but when someone takes out the real memory, that memory is no longer in their mind.

That being the case, how was Harry able to keep up with the conversation with Amelia without his memory of what happened to Voldemort. The answer? Because of all the other memories Harry had of that time. Harry knew about the Stone before his fight with Voldemort. He knew about Quirrel before his fight with Voldemort. And he knew what his plan was for dealing with the Stone before his fight with Voldemort. Just because the most important memory was taken, doesn't mean all of them are gone. From the memories he still has surrounding that time, Harry is able to piece together what had taken place during the quest to reach the Philosopher's Stone.

Such is the power of super magical eidedic memory.

Why Dumbledore is more famous than Flamel:

Someone once mentioned how Flamel would be more famous than Dumbledore if he were really powerful. I can kinda get where he's coming from, but at the same time I don't think he thought this review through.

Dumbledore is famous because he fought in two wars, defeated the Dark Lord Grendelwald, and took up several high positions within wizarding society; ei, Headmaster of Hogwarts, Supreme Mugwump of the ICW, and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot.

Nicolas Flamel has isolated himself from society. He does not associate himself with the magical world anymore and lives in obscurity with his wife. He's not famous because he's not powerful, but because it's been so damn long since he actually contributed to wizarding society in some way that people just forgot about him.

Harry Potter Gary-stu:

I'm really not sure what I can, write, that can reassure you that Harry is not a gary-stu. I've given him several character flaws within the past two chapters alone that everyone seems to have missed, and I gave him a number of them in the first book that completely flew over everyone's head.

Since no one seems to have found them, I'll give the two character flaws that I've put in this book so far.

Harry Potter Character Flaw #1: Harry Potter is a very hyper-focused individual. When he focuses on something, whether that's studying an ancient and all powerful alchemical artifact or sparring with a beautiful American woman he tends to focus solely on what he is doing. This can lead to him losing track of time and standing up his best friend after promising to take her to see a movie, and may end up having dire consequences in the future.

Harry Potter Character Flaw #2: While Harry Potter does not believe in acquiring knowledge for the sake of knowledge, no one will deny that he is very much a scholar. If there is something he is curious about, he will attempt to find out what it is and what makes it tick. If he is having problems with something, he will research that something until he comes up with a solution to his problem.

When Harry is hypothesising on potential issues, he tends to lose focus of his surroundings. For example: Harry+Floo network = Harry mumbling to himself in the presence of Amelia Bones. and Harry+Susan's confidence issues = Harry trying to give Susan a pep talk while Amelia is listening to every word he says.

I'm honestly a little disappointed no one found those flaws. I'm trying to make them more subtle right now so people actually have to be more observative when reading my story. But it seems unless I bludgeon people over the head with them as if they were a hammer, no one finds them.

The Next Chapter?

Yes, I have started on the next chapter of Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin. Currently, I am 2,165 words in. I know, you're all ecstatic to see Harry learning Alchemy from Nicolas Flamel. Try to contain your excitement.


On second thought, don't. Be my guest and go crazy. In fact, I think we should have a party to commemorate this event. We shall call it... That Day. Yes, That Day. I think it has a nice ring to it.