Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shifts in Life

So I think some of you will be pleased to know that I have started writing for my Shifts in Life story. I'm not as far along in chapter 40 as I am in chapter 4 for my Harry Potter story, which is now 7,249 words in, but I have written 2,159 words, which is 2,159 words more than yesterday.

I think my biggest problem with this arc was deciding where I wanted it to go. You see, the arc itself is not very important in the grand scheme of things, it's what the arc leads into at the end that was important, so I never really gave what I wanted to have happen during the Cursed Warrior arc much thought. It's very poor taste for a writer like myself to do this, but, meh, we all make mistakes.

One of the many issues in figuring out where I wanted this story to go was in trying to determine which changes should take place from canon. So far, my arc has been mostly canon with the only difference being Naruto is not working with Neji and Tenten. However, because Neji and Tenten are not here, the arc itself changes. What will Naruto do since he is on his own? What sort of changes will this more competent Naruto create? How will he respond to the threat of the Cursed Warrior and Moso? They're important questions that I never really answered when I first started writing this arc, and because of that, it's taken me a long time to figure out where I want to go from here.

However, you can now rejoice! For I have a plan!


Well, it's not really a plan so much as it is an idea, but it's at least allowed me to get started writing. That's a good thing, right?