Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shifts in Life

So yeah, for those of you who keep watch over my profile or have Shifts in Life in my favorites, then you'll know by now that I posted chapter forty.

You've probably read it by this point and realized I've made a lot more mistakes than usual. I'll be honest here, I got lazy. When I finished my chapter I just wanted to post it had be done with it. Normally, whenever I finish a chapter, I reread it three times. I didn't do that here and just posted the moment it was done, so there are probably a lot more mistakes than their normally would be.

I'll probably reread the chapter some time today after I get off work and repost it with the corrections.

The Big Mistake:

I think I'm beginning to see why most people stick to one category when it comes to writing stories (crossovers not included). I made another mistake similar to the one I made in Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, only this time, instead of calling Harry, Naruto I called Naruto, Harry.

This is beginning to become a serious problem. I hope I don't do this too many more times.

To Mugen Sonzai:

In a review mentioned that Kyuubi's personality feels different in this chapter than she used to in previous chapters. I won't deny there is some truth to that, but it's not really a matter of her personality changing so much as it is her getting comfortable enough to be herself.

When Kyuubi and Naruto first met, Kyuubi was trying very hard to be cordial and accommodating without being groveling because her life was no inexplicably tied to his own thanks to Orochimaru. As time went on, Kyuubi began to get more and more comfortable in Naruto's presence, so her personality began going back to her 'base personality' as it were. She's not really trying to accommodate him. She's still cordial, but she's beginning to reform back to her more arrogant and haughty personality.

Not a lot of questions. This chapter didn't get very many reviews. Granted, it's only been up for a few hours, but still...

Anyways, that's really all I have to say at this time. Maybe my next post will be longer.