Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thoughts on Shifts in Life

So, a few people are wondering about my Shifts in Life story and where I plan on taking it. Most are asking whether or not I have anymore filler chapters like my Bird Arc.

To be honest, I do not even consider the Bird Arc a 'filler' chapter like most people would. While the story only moves a little bit in this arc, it was necessary for my plot to move forward. Two important things happened in this arc.

The first was the moment between Naruto and Toki. More specifically it was the moment after Naruto ran out on Toki. I won't go into details about why this is important, other than that it will help you understand what Naruto's relationships with females is going to be like.

The second was Jiraiya informing Naruto about his parents. This is incredibly important due to how it will effect Naruto's development later on in life. Will he forgive Jiraiya? Will he be angry at him? What kind of reaction will he have towards this new information? And how will this effect his growth as a person? A lot of character development is going to come from this.

Now, for those who are curious to know. Yes, there will be two more 'filler' arcs after this. Both are important to Naruto's character and will cover the entire 'three year training' period. I plan on doing this with several time skips.

The next arc is actually going to be based around the Guardians of the Crescent Moon movie. I won't go into details because I don't want to ruin anything. Suffice to say, this chapter will cover Naruto's response to learning about his parents and how it effects his growth.

The third arc will happen after a large time skip. Naruto will be nearing the end of his training and will be nearing 15 years of age. This arc will be the Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow arc starring Princess Koyuki. This arc will be important in show casing Naruto's growing skill, as well as revealing more on Naruto's psyche when it comes to intimate relationships.

Another thing I wanted to mention was the strength of current ninja from ninja of yesteryear.

A number of people commented on how I was being unreasonable in saying that ninja of the past would kick the ass of Naruto's generation of ninja. When I wrote this, I did not mean to say that every ninja was more powerful than ninja of this era. I was merely stating that a number of the ninja back then are more powerful than the ninja now.

While beings like Madara and Hashirama are the epitome of shinobi prowess, there are other ninja from back than and around that time who are also much stronger than many of the current generation. Ninja like the Kingin Kyodai, The third Raikage, Mu, Hanzo the Salamander and so on. These ninja were were exemplars of their kind. Hanzo in particular had been said to be one of the strongest ninja of all time, able to defeat all three Sannin during the Second Shinobi War. Hell, he was the one who gave them the title Sannin. The Third was known for going toe to toe with Gyuki and matching him! Fighting and matching the strength of a Bijuu! Not many people can claim that, and I doubt any of this generations ninja could do that, sans maybe Naruto now that he's working with Kurama.

And lets not forget the Second Hokage. We just recently learned that Minato's Hiraishin was actually created by Tobirama and not Minato, and the Second even went a step further by creating the 'flying thunder god slash' which utilized kenjutsu to inflict devastating wounds.

This is why I wrote that. Compared to these monsters, normal shinobi of Naruto's era are much weaker.

Hard at Work

I believe I told you all that I would finish my Shifts chapter some time yesterday, and that is officially done. Now I am going to be working on my Harry Potter chapter and finishing that up.

It's already nearing completion, so I don't actually have that much to write. I may even be able to finish it some time today, though I don't want to make any promises just in case I am wrong.


Does anyone else find it bothersome that updates are still coming in slowly? I remember a time where I would get an update to at least two or three stories a day. Now I'm lucky if I get an update to one every few days.

The only person writing who seems to be making fast updates is Megamatt09, and as interesting as his stories are, his English is horrible.

I did just get an update to The Newest Challenger, however, which is pretty awesome. On the other hand, one of my favorite Harry/Crossover stories, Rise of the Arcane, seems to be discontinued because Angeldoctor lost all of his notes. That's depressing.

In either event, hopefully I will be able to put out my next Harry Potter chapter today so that at least you guys will have something interesting to read.