Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ashikabi Q&A Time

Minato involved in the story: So, some of you have been wondering if Minato is going to be in this story. Considering Yukari is in this story, I believe it is safe to say that, yes, Minato will be in this story. In fact, I have a very special subplot planned for Yukari and Minato that will be running alongside the original plot created by me. They both will have their rolls to play in this story.

Naruto's infiltration: I know you think you've figured out the reason I had Naruto enter Higa's building the way I did, that being I wanted Kazehana to see him or some such, but you're honestly thinking about this too hard. The only reason Naruto didn't go into henge and simply walk through the front door is because he's paranoid. Don't forget, he's been hiding his existence for thousands upon thousands of years, and with technology constantly getting better and better, that paranoia has reached unfathomable heights. With everything he has been learning about Sekirei, whose to say there isn't a Sekirei who has gained the abilities of a sensor?

Why Naruto didn't kill Higa: I believe I already stated this, but the reason Naruto hasn't killed Higa yet is because he still doesn't know what is going on. He understands what the Sekirei Plan is, he knows why it's happening, but he doesn't know what the whole point of it is. Why is Minaka doing this? What's it's purpose? What is the end game of the Sekirei Plan? Until Naruto learns these things, he's going to need as many eyes and ears as he can get. Information is everything, and Naruto has learned this the hard way throughout the ages when having said information could have aided him greatly. Part of the reason Naruto is keeping Higa alive is so that he can use him as another means of espionage.

I do have another reason Naruto is keeping Higa alive, but I won't be mentioning it quite yet as it has to do with the story itself. I don't want to reveal to much and spoil the plot.

In other news, the next story I will be working on his Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, followed by The Legend of Gaia's Sennin. One of them I already have a decent amount of words written for, and the other is not getting nearly enough love from me.

Anyways, don't be afraid to leave any comments here. I actually do talk back when you ask questions.