Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Harry Potter Q&A for Chapter 5

SlytherinRiddle: Sort of. The Dracula stories actually came from Vlad III Drăculea, who at some point was dubbed Vlad the Impaler, a member of the House of Drăculeşti. The Drăculeşti line began with Vlad II Dracul, which is where I got my last name for Selene from.

Destructive Dragon-Azi Dahaka: You do make a good point, however, I feel that you and everyone who hold similar opinions are honestly blowing this 'whipped male character' thing out of the water. I'll be honest here, a part of the reason I do this is because I've read way to many manga, and another part is just for comedy purposes.

I find it slightly humorous when you have this strong male character who will bow to the whims of a female because of a simple look. That being said, this isn't something that will happen very often. This chapter had it because I felt it fit, but very few times will you see the 'henpecked husband' routine being done.

Now, as for Selene's character. I was actually just trying to showcase Harry's inexperience when it comes to the opposite sex. Most of the females he knows are either his age and don't have much (read: any) experience with romance, or are so much older than him they would never do something like this. Even Katrina kept her teasing to a minimum. Selene is only a few years older than Harry and defines the term eroticism in motion. Harry has never dealt with a girl like her (the closest being Perennelle who is simply astoundingly beautiful, but she has never actually used her looks like Selene was). Selene's introduction shows us that Harry does not know everything, that you can't always learn how to deal with people or certain situations from a book or tutoring.

If you want, think of it like this. So many people have complained about Harry being Gary-stu in my fist book, Harry Potter and the Gift of Memories. I never saw it, but whatever. This particular situation is there to prove that Harry is not a Gary-stu. That when he is tossed out of his element or surprised by something, he can act just as lost and confused as anyone else his age.

0 Jordinio 0: There was nothing compelling Harry when I introduced Selene. She's a vampire, not a Veela. She doesn't have any kind of allure like a Veela would, just her looks. This was a case of Harry's inexperienced mind simply being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of sexy she exuded that his mind blanked on him. Please remember, he's only twelve, and while he doesn't care one wit about romance right now, that does not mean he doesn't know anything about sex or acts of sex. His best friend is Lisa, remember?

It's sort of like knowing what cheesecake is, but having never tasted it before until now, and then being overwhelmed by how rich it is.

Bad analogy, I know. Just roll with it.

Dragonskyt: No Nicolas Flamel is not Edward Elric. There is no Edward Elric here. The only thing I did was take the Full Metal alchemist version of alchemy and use it for this story. There is nothing else from FMA in this story.

GizmoDragon90: I'm honestly not sure how you think this is a filler arc. Everything I have in here so far has pushed the story forward. Chapter 1 we learned that Harry would be sending Flamel the Philosopher's Stone soon, chapter 2 Harry received a letter from Amelia Bones, chapter 3 Harry went to see Amelia to talk about Voldemort, chapter 4 Harry met Selene who is going to be very important later on, and chapter 5 Harry learned that his mail was being intercepted and Selene woke up. All of these pieces are very important plot points.

I think you are confusing my fanfic with JK Rowlings story. Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin is not about the Chamber of Secrets being opened. In fact, the only reason the Chamber of Secrets will open is because it's a canonical event beyond Harry's control, but it's more of a subplot than an actual plot itself.

Wrandral: What are you talking about? I haven't even introduced Dobby.