Saturday, May 11, 2013

Good News

I think everyone will be happy to know that I managed to crank out 6,332 words yesterday for Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, chapter 6, making my word count go back up to a respectable 8,356 words. I'm very lucky to have at least remembered the main plot points for each scene in my chapter, otherwise I would have never been able to get this far along so quickly.

I'm still not sure how I feel about this chapter, as I had rather liked my first rendition of it. Because I'm a stubborn bastard and ended up falling in love with my first version of chapter 6, this second version just doesn't seem as good to me. I suppose that means I'll have to leave whether or not this next chapter is good up to you guys.

And now that we're no longer speaking of my story, has anyone seen Iron Man 3 yet? I haven't actually had time to see it, busy as I am with my full time and part time job... and fanfiction. But I figured if it's anywhere near as good as the first two, it will be awesome.

Ah! And have you guys watched the commercial for the new superman movie? I have absolutely no clue how to feel about that. I saw the first Superman... er, well, the last movie of superman that came out.

Yeah, totally sucked. I was disappointed.

Not sure if this one is going to be any better, but I do hope they don't ruin a good story.