Sunday, May 19, 2013

My next Great Story

Chapter 7 for Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin is out, and with it finished, I am now beginning to write for Ten Tailed Wolf.

Gaia's Sennin Q&A continued!

Rai: I'm kind of confused by your comments. What exactly do you consider a filler chapter? A chapter where nothing happens to progress the plot? Or a chapter that does not have much character development? Because while this chapter did not have much character development, it did progress the plot. Granted, it was at the end during the confrontation between Naruto and the Turks, but the plot moving forward was there.

I think you feel it was filler because there was no major action. Naruto and the others didn't come to some startling revelation, there was no epiphanies to be had, nor did they realize that 'oh my god! The main bad guy isn't this guy! It's this guy!' type plot reveals. A chapter does not always need to have some major revelation in order to be considered 'not filler'. It just has to move the plot forward in some way, shape or form, and this chapter did that.

Capturinggod200: First off, I understand where you are coming from, but you have to understand that I am not bashing anyone. Canonically speaking, Barret is a hot-headed and reckless character who is easily angered and tends to deal with his anger by acting violent and making threats. This is something that should be obvious to anyone who has played the game. He's also somewhat childish as shown by all the complaining he did during the time where he, Cloud and Tifa were climbing the stairs in the Shinra Headquarters during the videogame. I am not changing anything about his personality, not only because I actually like his personality, but because it's his ACTUAL personality from the video game.

It's also good for comic relief.

Now, as for Naruto's and Barret's ongoing arguments, you have to understand where Naruto is coming from. Naruto is someone who was actually very similar to Barret in his youth minus the anger issues; he was hot headed, wore his emotions on his sleeve, and tended to jump into every situation head first regardless of the consequences.

Then his friends got killed because of his recklessness.

Naruto sees Barret as a slightly larger and more violent version of how he used to be, emphasis on the used to be, and he does not want to see all of the people he is growing to care for die because the man recklessly jumped into a situation head first without thinking about how it effects those around him.

Barret on the other hand just thinks Naruto is brow beating him because he's an arrogant prick with a holier than thou attitude. This sets him off and makes him argue with Naruto, and that sets Naruto off make him strike back in turn. It doesn't help that Barret is used to being the leader because of the time he spent leading AVALANCHE. To him, it's just another sore point that Naruto was chosen over him, which just leads to more arguing.

You think I am bashing Barret when the truth is I am merely writing what I feel would have happened when you put a Naruto who lost everyone he loved back in the Elemental Nations because he acted like Barret is now, and a hot-headed, gun arm toting, violent Barret who doesn't like taking shit from anyone. Their personalities are bound to clash. It's only natural.

I think the reason you are under the misguided belief that I am bashing Barret is because I am showing most of this story from Naruto's perspective. If I changed to Barret's perspective, it would probably seem like I was bashing Naruto.

And was it really the Turks who killed Barret's friends? Or was it his own actions? He knew what they were getting into when he started fighting against Shinra. You don't go up against a large company that spans the entire globe with only five people and expect to come out unscathed. That's stupid. He knew there was a chance they would all die, yet he continued to fight what could only be a losing battle. Frankly, I think it was just as much Barret's fault as it was the Turks.

And since when have Cloud and Tifa taken sides? They are on neither side. Both of them can understand where Naruto is coming from, but they also understand where Barret is coming from. Thus, they do not take sides and try to let them sort their issues out on their own.

Except for when violence is threatened, then they intervene. And since violence is usually stared on Barret's end, they often have to stop him from trying to smash Naruto's face in.

And of course Aerith is going to go along with what Naruto says. She's known him longer than she has the others, she is closer to him then she is them (she's dating him for god sake), AND she knows the truth behind Naruto's past so she understands where he is coming from much better than anyone else. Naturally, she is going to side with Naruto.

As for Red XIII, well, he just doesn't care. The arguing between Naruto and Barret doesn't affect him because as far as he is concerned, right now they are just his means of getting back home. He isn't emotionally invested in the group like the others are.