Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Status Report.

Ten Tailed Wolf shall be updated with a new chapter tomorrow. I hope you guys are looking forward to it.

Harry Potter Chapter 7 Q&A continued!

SonOfPoseidon05: Do not worry. I didn't introduce Selene just to toss her to the side. Later on, she is going to be an integral part of the epic tale unfolding before you.

Alec-potter: Actually, Blaise was still in Italy, otherwise he would have come. I thought I mentioned that, though it is possible I forgot to.

Akuma-Heika: I believe I have already mentioned this, but I will do so again. JK Rowling royally screwed over her timeline in Harry Potter. She claimed that Merlin was a student who went to Hogwarts and was in Slytherin House, yet Merlin came BEFORE Hogwarts was built. I think he lived around the 6th century, while canon Hogwarts was built in the 10th.

To correct this, I changed the time Hogwarts was built, stating that it was built in the 1st century, meaning around 100AD, rather than in the 10th, or 1000AD. It's an AU of JK Rowlings original information in order to correct some of the other erroneous information she gave us.

Fahad09: I do understand where you are coming from. Part of the reason I made Selene such a flirt is due to how vampires usually get blood these days. At a young age, vampires are taught the art of seduction in order to seduce their victims to make drinking their blood without their victim noticing easier. Since Selene is royalty she won't be going out and seducing people for blood, but it is taught as a matter of tradition.

Of course, since Selene has never been able to use it before, and even if she wasn't royalty she would not need to worry about seducing anyone for a few more years, she decided to test out her skills in order to see whether or not she was capable of doing what all the other vampires in her coven do.

Tracer: You can assume they were given gifts and greeted Harry and Neville before the scene I showed. Honestly, the party was not that important to the story so I skipped the vast majority of it and only gave the small bit that was important.