Sunday, June 2, 2013


G96 Saber: I am very glad you've asked this question. And I am all too happy to give you an answer.

Yes, there is something wrong with Harry. In fact, there are a lot of things wrong with Harry.

The thing about Harry that no one really seems to understand yet is that he is a very emotionally imbalanced character. As someone who tries to rule himself through logic, he doesn't really understand emotions all that well. This problem is only confounded by the fact that he believes reading something from a book means he has all the knowledge he needs when in truth, psychological jargon derived from a book is often times useless without understanding the content and having experience in dealing with those emotions first hand. This is actually Harry's biggest problem. He feels that because he read books on psychology, he understands human emotions. The truth of the matter is he understands very little when it comes to emotions and is merely spouting bullshit without realizing it.

Because of this, Harry's emotions often feel a bit more intense simply because he really just doesn't understand them. Emotions are anathema to someone as logically thinking as Harry.

Then you have to take his puberty into account. First off, Harry was hit with puberty harder than a semi-truck going 120 KPH. It struck him fast and it struck him hard. This is because his own magic is actually fueling his hormones, literally supercharging his body and overstimulating it with hormones. This has the effect of turning his body into the lean mean muscle machine I've described him as having, but it also means he is going to experience a much more... erm... Intense? Yes, intense. He will be having a much more intense puberty than others.

GutoRo7: I'm writing a story where a twelve year old boy is going through puberty, of course I'm mentally impaired. However, Harry's reason for mentioning Hitler is because A) he is a history buff and Hitler was an important part of history no matter how many people try to deny he ever existed, and B) the moment I read the description of Gilderoy Lockhart in the original books, that was my thought.

Death in a Pink Boa: Then don't read my story. Puberty is a natural part of life, thus, Harry will go through puberty just like everyone else.

AlsoKnownAsMatt: I won't be focusing on Harry's problems with puberty for much longer. Not like I have been at any rate. Eventually, Harry will just get used to these new and strange feelings and desires. The only reason I am focusing on it right now is because he doesn't know what to do. He is mentally unprepared to experience puberty so all these new and intense thoughts and desires are overloading his brain.

Think of his brain as a marshmallow and puberty as a microwave. Do you know what happens when a marshmallow is stuck in a microwave than cooked on it's highest setting?

dbzegoun: I didn't show the scene with Dobby. Why? Because even if the scene happened differently than it did in canon, you'd still just be learning the same information you did from the original books. Remember, my story is NOT about the Chamber of Secrets being opened, but Harry Potter's impact on the Wizarding World. Ergo, none of that information was relevant to my story.

ImaDenarianLordX: It's not that Harry's some kind of super powered maniac with a power level over 90,000. I mentioned in chapter 8 that Harry's body is literally leaking magic all over the place. This is why he has so much trouble with the floo. All that magic is not just being leaked, but is also saturating his body and enhancing it to levels beyond what someone his age should have.

When Dumbledore looked at Harry with his Mage Sight, he was not blinded because Harry's magical index was off the scale, he was blinded because Harry's body literally cannot contain the magic it has.

Think of Dumbledore's Mage Sight as if it were the Byakugan from Naruto. Then think of Harry's magical index as Ichigo's ridiculous reitsu levels from Bleach and you should be able to see why Dumbledore was blinded.

blueper: I get what you're saying, but Harry would never, in a million years, confide in someone about something like puberty. Harry dislikes admitting weakness to anyone, and puberty is definitely a weakness as far as he is concerned. He is also incredibly stubborn when he decides on something. He will not be talking or confiding to anyone about his... let's just call it growing pains. Yes, he will not be mentioning his growing pains to anyone.

Joe Lawyer: First off, I don't think you understand what Occlumency is. Occlumency is the art of clearing the mind in order to push out intrusions from people trying to enter your mind. Clearing the mind requires a lot of effort on the part of the Occlumens, not just because people are always thinking new thoughts every day but also because it's just impossible to have your mind constantly clear 24/7. The only way Harry could have his mind clear constantly is if he was practicing Occlumency every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year.

As I said, impossible. No one can do that. Why else do you think Snape can't keep himself from getting enraged whenever he sees Harry despite being a Master Occlumens?

As to your wonderings, it's actually a mixture of both and a third part you didn't think of. First, Harry can't meditate and keep his mind clear on a twenty four hour basis. I already said that's impossible, so you have that. Second, magical puberty for witches and wizards is usually much more intense because their magic is increasing the amount of hormones in their body proportionate to their magical index. I'm not going to go to far into this because I may be doing so in my book later, but suffice to say the higher your magical index rating is the more intense puberty is for you.

And now for the third and most important reason. I mentioned before that Harry's magic is helping his enhance his body by pushing large amounts of hormones into him at an accelerated rate. What this means is that Harry is going through a very accelerated version of puberty compared to what anyone else might go through. Because of that this phase of wet dreams and the like will not last very long, he will probably stop having serious issues before Christmas, but it will be one of the most intense phases anyone will ever go through.

zArkham: Harry obsessing over his reaction to girls is due to many variables, one of which is that he was never interested in girls until hormones struck. This is really his biggest problem. He was hit unaware and now his mind is replaying all the events he has ever been in with various women and then turning them into erotic fantasies that will plague his mind for the rest of his life. Or at least until he grows used to them.

I suppose you could say that, in a way, his edietic memory is the catalyst for his OCD reaction, but it's only one reason among hundreds of other smaller reasons.

wolf970: No. Why would he? Blaise belongs to a family of pure-blood witches and wizards. He has no knowledge of the vampire world.

Akuma-Heika: That's because the scene doesn't exist. If I went in and wrote out every scene that happened throughout the summer, not only would a lot of you guys complain about me adding too much filler and not getting to Hogwarts soon enough, but it really isn't that important to the story. So instead of deciding the actually have the scene in there, I had it all happen 'off screen' so to speak during one of Harry's trips to Diagon Alley.

Lavi Arcadia: When I say multi I actually mean it's a harem. I just feel it's a less derogatory term than harem. A harem generally implies a male in charge of a group of females who are there specifically to sexually please said male.

That is not what's going to be happening in this story. It would be more accurate to say that the females Harry will be involved with will each have a very important roll that helps keep Harry from going off the deep end. I can't say much without giving away plot reveals, so I won't. Just know that when I say 'multi' I am talking about Harry being involved with more than one female at the same time.

My Concluding statement.

I'm glad to see this last chapter was so well received. I know that I made a number of English mistakes, particularly my use of homonyms? Or was it homophones? I could never remember. Anyways, I do know that I made a number of mistakes with words like 'meet' over 'meat' and 'vein' instead of 'vain'.

However, I also know that I am not perfect. There is a reason I write fanfiction and not original stories. At the moment, I am just not good enough to write an original piece of literature. I am bound to make mistakes, though I like to think I make less mistakes than 95% of the other fanfic authors on this site.

Anyways, I am pleased to see most people are responding well to Harry's small... eh... let's call them issues. I remember my teen years going through puberty, they contained some of the most awkward and embarrassing moments of my life. However, they are funny to read about someone else going through them.

I am doubly pleased that you guys liked that small Harry/Daphne moment at the end. I always like those two together. Personally, I blame fanon for that.