Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finished my Character Bios.

I figured I'd let everyone know I just finished writing my character bio's for my Harry Potter series books 1 and 2. I think I was pretty thorough in letting people know of the characters who played a little more prominent a roll in the story, though if I did miss someone please let me know.

The only thing my character bios don't have are pictures for the some of the main characters. The only main character I have that has a picture is Hermione Granger, and that's just because Emma Watson fits the part and has enough screen time that there are plenty of pictures to choose from.

My biggest problem is that not only are there so few pictures of the people in my story  (some of them don't even show up until sixth year *cough Blaise cough* - and good deal of them aren't even shown at all), the few people who do have enough screen time to get have screenshot photos don't match up with what my characters look like.

For example, Daniel Radcliff is not what the Harry Potter in my story looks like. Not completely at any rate. I imagined that the Second Year Harry Potter in my story would look kind of like Daniel Radcliff from The Goblet of Fire, but only in the face. This Harry is a lot more athletic looking than Radcliff.

Another good example is Blaise Zabini and Daphne Greengrass. Blaise only has, like, two screenshots in the entire 7 movie series (I think both are during The Half-blood Prince movie), while Daphne isn't shown at all. Unlike the books, where she is mentioned once in The Order of the Phoenix, in the movies she is not even mentioned. How are you supposed to find images of people that don't exist?

So yeah, unless someone is willing to draw pictures of my characters for me, you guys may be waiting a good long while before you actually get to see what I think most of these characters look like.