Saturday, June 8, 2013

Clear ups and corrections

Before we begin anything else, I feel I should clear up some misconception about certain concepts that a lot of you seem to have. A few people reviewing chapter 42 of my story, Shifts in Life, told me that the recent arcs I am writing are nothing more than filler arcs.

The Definition of filler is material that is combined with material of greater relevance or quality to "fill out" a certain volume. What this means for a story is that anything that does not hold relevant information, character development, or plot is considered filler.

The Cursed Warrior arc in the Naruto anime, for example, is filler. It serves no real purpose, it's only character development is focusing on a side character that doesn't really matter to the story because we only see her once, and the story itself holds no significance to the greater, overreaching plot.

And this is where I reveal to you that most don't really understand what "filler" is.

My version of the Cursed Warrior arc reveals to important plots for Naruto's character development: we learn that Naruto's got a few issues with intimacy, and Naruto learns about his heritage. These are important plot points for Naruto's development as a character, ergo, the Cursed Warrior arc in my fanfic is NOT filler.

Of course, you could turn this around and say both of those plots were not revealed until the end therefore the rest of it was all filler, but then I would tell you to read some professional writing because you obviously haven't realized most stories do this. If we did not have those 'leading up' points, the stories would not only be very short, they would be very boring.

Just take a look at Harry Potter for example. If people are going to accuse me of having filler, then I could easily accuse JK Rowling of putting filler in her stories.

All that stuff in the very first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was not needed. The entire conversation between McGonagall and Dumbledore was superficial and Rowling could have just started and ended the chapter by having a quick summary of what happened and Dumbledore dropping Harry off at the Dursley's. Sure, the chapter would have only been, like, 100 words or something, but then she wouldn't have had so much filler.

And the second chapter is almost pure filler. All we learn is that Harry Potter was treated like shit by his relatives, hardly plot relevant since the plot of this story revolves around the Philosopher's Stone, not how Harry was treated at his relatives.

Likewise, the third chapter with the letters. That could have easily been summarized in five paragraphs because it really holds no significance to the plot.

I could go on, but I think you get my point. Many people hold this common misconception about what is and isn't filler. If the last few arcs I've been writing are filler, then a good portion of JK Rowling's work is also filler.

Which it actually isn't, but according to the definition of some reviewers, it is.

Another issue is how someone seemed to think my Naruto was being bratty. Well, excuse me, but I'm pretty sure anyone would be upset when they learn their own father sealed an all powerful demonic entity in them and is the reason they are so hated in the village and that their godfather, the person who should have looked after them, practically ignored their existence in favor of writing porn books and checking on his spy network.

First off, I want this made clear. The Naruto is my story is not Jesus Christ. He does not have the capacity for infinite forgiveness. My Naruto is a lot more jaded and cynical than Kishimoto's canon Naruto. It's only natural, not only because the circumstances behind a lot of what happened is different, but, um, hello? This is fucking fanfiction. Why the hell would I write about a Naruto who was the same as his canon counterpart? That's just plain stupid.