Saturday, June 15, 2013

HPatHoS Chapter 10 Q&A

4master: How Harry got on the train will be revealed next chapter. I left it as a sort of pseudo cliff hanger so you guys would be wondering 'how did Harry get on the train?' because I'm an asshole like that.

4master, PotterinCanada, cmcwiki, InfiniteDragon, blueper, n0mster, Wandral: I think I mentioned this before, but every first person italicized scene is a dream/memory. The trick is to figure out where the memory ends and the dream begins. I left this particular one purposely vague so you could utilize your own creative licence on it. Did the memory become a dream when Perennelle showed up looking like sin? Or when she kissed him at the end? I leave it up to you to decide.

ImaDenarianLordX: Harry's training is pretty much complete. Thanks to his edietic memory, Harry absorbed all the information Nicolas Flamel had to give on the subject of alchemy without giving any 'freebies' (like how to make a Philospher's Stone) away. Now it's up to Harry to increase his own knowledge by creating Transmutation circles and pushing the boundaries of his knowledge.

AlsoKnownAsMatt: Overpowering? Really? You think so? Clearly, you have not watched the movies or read the books. Before Tom Riddle even went to Hogwarts, he was capable of powerful feats of magic no one his age should be able to accomplish.

"Tom could move objects with his mind and cause them to travel floating wherever he wished, manipulate animals and creatures as he wished, speak Parseltongue, and use his power to inflict harm on other orphans. After getting into a fight with fellow orphan Billy Stubbs, he used his powers to hang the boy's rabbit from the rafters. On one occasion, he took two orphans, Dennis Bishop and Amy Benson, into a cave, where he performed an act so horrifying that the two orphans were traumatised into silence." ~ Excerpt from

Riddle could do all this before he even came to Hogwarts. And he has had nearly 90 years to perfect his magic since then. How in the hell could Harry possibly be able to compete with that if I don't make him stronger than usual? Seriously dude, if you're going to complain about something, at least research your facts first.

Futon Lord: That would be even more work than creating my Bios.

On another note, you mentioned not having Harry save Ginny. I won't tell you anything regarding this, since I don't want to ruin anything, but I will tell you that Harry Potter's presence had nothing to do with the reason Ginny received the Diary. Lucius Malfoy planted it on her in an effort to discredit Arthur Weasley, who at the time was advocating muggleborn rights.

Death in Pink Boa: Considering I'm a male, you know, the gender with a COCK, a PENIS, a THIRD LEG, a TALLY WHACKER, a DONG and a whole slew of other names for a DICK, I would have to say that, no, Lisa is not a self insert. And if all you're going to do is complain about her, you can leave. I don't mind people criticizing my writing, that could at least help me become a better writer, but criticizing a character who has an important roll to play (even if you and other people can't see it) over and over again in the hopes that they'll make me kill her off or something is just annoying.

Same goes with your dislike of Harry going through puberty. He's 12, he's at that age where some children go through puberty. It's a natural process that not even a wizard can get away from. Don't like it, stop reading.

Endymion234: No, Harry wasn't going to kill Draco, just hurt him. The burns done to him are all very superficial and will heal up easily with the healing cream Harry gave Hermione.

smokeapound: The first parts are in first person because they are a memory/dream sequence told from Harry's perspective. As you are viewing Harry's memories from his perspective, I felt it would be more appropriate to show these scenes in first person.

DarkPirateKing69: I'm glad you brought that up. Yes, Harry does have a lot of issues. One of them is a similar case to PTSD, though it's not quite as traumatic. It's one of the reasons he is emotionally imbalanced.

I have no intention of making Harry a doormat. The girl's who end up in a relationship with him will be his equals, his partners, but they will not control him.

kroz phantomville: Nope, that would be a spoiler, and I don't give spoilers.

animekingmike: It's not so much that he just so happened to have a potion on hand, so much as it is that he made a lot of potions during the summer and past year to practice his potion brewing skills. Besides, last year he fought against Voldemort, you think he's not going to want to be prepared? Especially with Dobby's warning during the summer?

My concluding statements:

First off, I am very glad to see so many of you got my Star Wars references. Consider this my tribute to the coming of Episode 7, which is supposed to be out sometime next year.

I do wonder though, did any of you get my foreshadowing? My 'these are not the droids you're looking for' moment was actually a (hopefully) subtle way of informing you guys that something Star Warzy was going to happen. In this case, Harry Potter going Palpatine on Draco Malfoy.

The second thing I want to talk about is the end. For those who are worried that Harry's going to get all emo on you. Don't. That's not how I made this Harry. He may be a little critical of himself for a while, but I'm not the kind of person to spend large amounts of words and angst on something like this.

In either case, I do hope you guys enjoyed the chapter. For those who didn't. Eh. You can't please them all.