Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What happened to everyone?

Is anyone else wondering what happened to all the fanfic authors? While a few stories have recently been updated, many more seem to have been forgotten to the passage of time. And very rarely do authors seem to be updating with any regularity.

Right now, aside from myself I only know of one author who has a fast update time, I honestly don't like his work that much. His English is atrocious. Easily within the top 100 fanfic writers with the worst English ever.

Not only that, but all his stories are pretty much the same. Main character ends up in another world or travels leaves the country his 'world' is taking place in. Meets girl, falls in love with girl, ends up screwing girls brain out, finds more girls, creates large ass mother F*&^ing harem, learns that his magic is sex based and that all the girls in the story are pretty much there for his pleasure, etc. etc.

Now, I'm a fan of large harem of sexy women as much as the next hot-blooded male, but this is too much, and it's disrespectful. There are certain instances where I feel a harem story can be done tastefully, but you have to be an extraordinary writer to do that and really understand the implications and consequences that the main character having a harem will cause in both the world at large and on a personal level with the people said main character is in a relationship with. You must also write out your characters in such a way that all of the people in this relationship (meaning the male or female ((Let's not be sexist now)) and however many girls or boys he/she is with) hold equal importance to both the story and the haremesque relationship.

Most people can't do this. That's why Harem stories are generally considered self-inserts of what the male (or female) author would like to have happen with them.

It doesn't help that the English for most harem stories suck.

But I digress. As I was saying before my mini-rant, I'm getting very depressed by the lack of constant updates.

Maybe it's cuz I'm just really picky and only read fanfics that reach a certain level of awesome (and have top notch English and grammar), but I'm really hoping that some of my own favorite authors can start updating their stories soon. I'm actually beginning to get bored enough that I'm even reading my own fanfiction!