Saturday, June 22, 2013

No Q&A today

I didn't get many reviews for my last chapter, and no one actually asked me any questions, which means I won't be doing a Q&A for chapter 25 of Namikaze's Return. Instead, I shall talk, or write, and you shall listen... or read.

I actually do understand why most people did not enjoy these last two chapters as much as the rest of Namikaze's Return. Despite people who may think to the contrary, I do understand why people don't like it.

To the world at large, Kumo and the characters in it are secondary characters who don't really hold any true significance to them. They don't want to read about people like Samui, Karui, Omoi, Atsui, Darui and E, they want to read about Naruto. And because these two chapters were not about Naruto, they just sort of skim it over.

I get this. I really do. And I understand your dislike of these chapters.

Unfortunately, these chapters are actually needed. Much as you may hate reading this, your going to need these chapters if you want to understand the context of chapter 26, which will actually feature Naruto at the end of the chapter after the battle between Pain and E has come to an end. In particular, these last two chapters will be very important to chapter 27, which will be dealing with the fallout of the Pain's assault on Kumo.

That's why it was important to have these past two chapters posted before I showed Naruto again. I know you guys don't like reading them. I don't really like writing them. But sometimes we have to do things we don't like in order to progress further in whatever it is we are doing.

Now, before I end this small rant, I do have one thing to say to someone, and that someone is Leaf Ranger, who was complaining about Pain decimating Kumo like he did with Konoha. Apparently, he doesn't like the idea that one person can destroy an entire village of ninja.

To this guy, I will say this. You are reading a story based on a Shounen Jump manga. And since you obviously don't know what that entails, allow me to educate you.

Shounen Jump Mangas are based almost entirely on the underdog main character (or the souped up Super Sayain fighter) fighting against increasingly overwhelming and ridiculously overpowered opponents. Starting with DBZ, where enemies increase in strength proportionately to the number of episodes airing until the point where every evil villain Goku and the crew fight is capable of destroying planets to Naruto, where each time the good guys face an enemy they are even stronger and more insane than the last enemy and now Naruto is facing off against the Godlike Juubi, which was said to have actually created the Elemental Nations.

Enemies capable of destroying an entire hidden village on their own is just par for the course when it comes to Shounen Jump manga like Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach and One Piece. I would suggest you either suck it up or stop reading, because enemies are only going to get more and more powerful from here on out.

On a side note, now that this chapter has been finished and posted, I am going to be writing the next chapter for HPatHoS, chapter 11, so at least you guys who don't like Shounen based stories have something to look forward to.