Monday, June 24, 2013

Next chapter

Since I don't have much to talk about today, unless you guys feel like listening to the most narcissistic man on the planet talk about how awesome he is... or read about the most narcissistic man on the planet write about how awesome he is. Since I don't think you do, this post will be very short.

Basically, I am simply posting to tell you that HPatHoS chapter 11 is on track and if all goes well and there are no interruptions, like say, an invasion of giant robots, assassins coming to kill, a group of busty female aliens searching for a partner who will grant them super powers through mucousal contact (you know, kissing), it should be out by Friday.

You had especially better hope that last distraction doesn't come along. Cuz if it does, I may not be writing for a while.

Busty female aliens trumps fanfiction every time. Just saying.