Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Insert title here.

So I figured today would be a good day to talk about me. Yes, me. And why shouldn't I talk about me? I am a great subject to talk about, being the one who will surpass god and all.

No. Wait. That's Blackstar from Soul Eater. Never mind.

And now that my small moment of identity crises has left me, I figured we would talk about something interesting.



Do any of you have something interesting to talk about? No? That's too bad. I don't either.

Oh, no wait. I do. Paradox Jast just ended up posting the first chapter to Of Vampires and Foxes. It's a challenge he took up from one of the ten challenges I posted a while back, and since I'm the one who's going to surpass god, you know it's going to be awesome.

No. Wait. That's Blackstar again. Dammit!