Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Joe Lawyer

This is in response to a review who came too late for me to answer in my Q&A.

In response to Joe Lawyer's review about how he felt Harry was being too whiny about what he did to Draco Malfoy and rolled over to Dumbledore's decision to easily.

To the first, I will give you the rather simple answer that I guess many of you may not have realized. The reason why Harry had his little drama episode was not necessarily because of what he did, but because his friends saw it. This is the biggest reason he felt so guilty about his actions against Draco. It's an honest response that anyone would have if they saw their friends looking at them in fear after they committed an act of violence and brutality.

Second, if you read the first chapter, then you would know that Harry's greatest fear is becoming like Voldemort. What he did to Draco was something he could easily imagine Voldemort doing to someone he didn't like. His lack of self control and enjoyment of the violence he committed upon Draco honestly frightens him because he feels it makes him similar to the man who took his parents away.

As for why Harry accepted the decision so easily. One of the reasons is because he knows that what he did was wrong, regardless of what Draco had done. Master Wei had taught him that violence was only to be used in self defense, yet here he was, using violence when it wasn't needed and enjoying it. He pretty much disregarded one of his master's principles.

As to his other reason, well, you'll just have to wait and see.

I know you enjoy Gary-stu Harry stories, or at least stories where Harry can bull doze through most of his problems with relative ease and is the most suave, intelligent and sophisticated man you will ever meet, but please try to remember, this is not a Gary-stu Harry fic, despite what some people may say or think.