Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sekirei Q&A

Before I begin the Question and Answer, I would like to say something, metaphorically speaking because I'm not actually talking, I'm writing. Anyways, first, while I do appreciate the support you guys have given me when mentioning how you like my work as opposed to Arthain's The Ninth Sekirei Pillar, I don't want you guys bashing his work because of something I said. What I wrote in my little anecdote at the end was purely my own thoughts and feelings. I've read his story and honestly believe it is better than my own. I won't go into details, since I would have to spend several thousand words to do so, but this was simply my own belief that his story is better and more original than what I have, since my story is essentially a godlike Naruto being copy and pasted in Minato Sahashi's place.

I also found it kind of amusing when people mentioned how Arthain's Naruto was more of a Gary stu than mine. I am going to be honest here. The Naruto in my story is for all intents and purposes a God, and not like Pein's 'I am god' spiel, but an actual God. I'll reveal more later on, but suffice to say my Naruto is so far above everyone else in this story that if he were to get directly involved in the Sekirei Plan, he would stomp a mud hole in everyone's ass and leave them a broken mess of flesh and blood that could hardly be considered human.

Why do you think I haven't had him get involved in much of the fighting aside from the beginning where his body is out of shape from disuse?

Now, onto the Q&A!

A Simple Fool: I think you are forgetting something when I mentioned that Naruto has created harems in the past. He did not become a cold and heartless bastard right after the Fourth Great Shinobi War. I mentioned before that he had wandered the world trying to bring about peace for several thousand years BEFORE he gave up and became an empty shell of a person. In fact, he has only been an emotionless husk incapable of truly feeling human emotions for the past 1,600 years or so. That leaves around 4,000 or so years where he was NOT an emotionless human being. If you think along those lines, Naruto could have very easily created several harems in his lifetime.

As for the three goddesses, I actually plan on giving him a history with them. I won't reveal much because I don't like spoilers, but I will tell you they are not actually goddesses.

There is also another reason I brought this up, but I'm going to leave it to you guys to figure out why. It wouldn't be fair if I just gave you all the answers. Ufufufu.

shuriken200: Yes and yes. There will be a sex scenes, multiple, but not for a while, and yes, there will be a big reveal about Naruto's immortality. I won't tell you when or how, but it should be obvious that there will eventually be one since his immortality is a driving point for my story.

Arthain: No, I definitely meant fleas. Damn bugs are annoying, but warm. Kidding. Anyways, I thought about revealing Naruto's history here, or at least a bit of it, but it didn't really feel right. One thing you must know about Naruto is that he's stubborn. Canon Naruto is ridiculously stubborn and my Naruto has a couple thousand years to be set in his ways. His stubbornness knows no bounds. He's not going to just cave and tell Miya something because she wants to know. This secret has been one he's kept for a long time, so long that the act of keeping it a secret is pretty much an ingrained habit, and there are actually a number of reasons for that, which will be revealed in time. Suffice to say, there will eventually be this big reveal where everyone learns that Naruto is immortal, but it won't be for a while.

Casard: You're surprisingly polite for someone who says they're very blunt. Lol. Honestly, don't worry about whether you sound blunt or not. If I can take people flaming my work, then I can easily accept your constructive review and use it to better my writing.

As to things you feel should have been mentioned, I actually have a few reasons for not revealing. To the first, the answer is rather easy.

Tsukiumi has not said anything about the giant head cleaver people call a sword because she was honestly just too preoccupied by everything that happened to focus on it. She was chased all across Shinto Teito, captured, rescued by the person who is destined to be her Ashikabi, accidentally 'kills' her Ashikabi, watches him 'rise up from the grave' so to speak and then level fives one of the Sekirei chasing her, followed by her passing out from exhaustion after deciding to let him wing her and finally gaining her wings upon waking up. The fact that he was wielding a large ass sword was simply not on her mind at the time, and by the time she came to, the sword was pretty much forgotten. I believe the term overwhelmed fits her feelings here perfectly.

Matsu's reason is even easier to answer. She saw how Naruto reacted when Miya spied on him and she knows how zealously he keeps his secrets. She's not going to mention anything about his weapons or his fight with Mutsu, nor is she going to mention it unless he talks first.

Miya's sort of in the same boat as Matsu. Having already been on the receiving end of his anger, she's not going to push him. She may try to gently coax the answers out of him, but if he doesn't want to talk about something, she's not going to try and force him to.

Now your second issue, the one with the 'dark silhouette'. Naruto actually does know about it. I'm simply not revealing it until I feel the time is right. Don't worry, when I reveal it, you'll know what it is and why I kept it a secret until then.

Tying your third issue and the last one together, I will let you know what happened to Kurama when I give the big reveal on Naruto's past. Eventually, you will learn everything that happened in the Fourth Great War. How Naruto gained his immortality, whether or not Kurama is still a part of Naruto, all will be revealed in time. I can't say how many chapters it will be until then, because I honestly don't know. There is a very specific arc that needs to happen before I have Naruto reveal his past to the members of Maison Izumo, and I don't know how many chapters that will be.

Finally, Kazehana will play an important roll in the story. I won't be giving any spoilers, but I will tell you that much.

Concluding Statements:

A lot of people have noticed that I changed my name from Pokemaster12 to The Engulfing Silence. I have received upwards of 32 PMs asking me about this, so I decided that rather than answer each PM individually, I would answer them all here.

Yes, I did change my name. The reason for this was actually very simple. I felt it was time for a change, as I have never written a Pokemon story before.

When I first made this profile, I was in the Pokemon phase where I still enjoyed playing the gameboy Pokemon games and actually watched the anime and read the manga. That was why I picked the name in the first place.

I have not read or watched or played Pokemon for 4 years now. There was really no reason for me to be Pokemaster12 when I don't have much to do with Pokemon these days.