Friday, July 12, 2013

Harry Potter

So, I've gotten a few comments from people saying how they wished I would focus on only one of my stories. Most of these people want me to focus on Harry Potter.

While I can understand your desire to see more chapters for your favorite story (at least, your favorite that I write) to come out, I hope you all understand why that's just not feasible.

The simple fact is that a lot of people would get angry if I stopped writing all of my stories except one for however long it took me to finish. You also have to account for just how long many of these stories would go un-updated. I suspect, that if I managed to put a chapter out each week, I would be able to finish the Heir of Slytherin within the next 4 months. That's 4 months where none of my other stories would get updated, leaving a lot of angry readers who will PM asking me to update so and so story. I've had this happen before with one of my stories, and it got very annoying very fast. Imagine what would happen if I got PMs for ALL of my stories but one.

Another reason I won't just update one story is because my muse does not work like that. Normally, when I first start writing a fanfic, I will always have an overflow of ideas for just that one story. This is normally why you'll see me update a new fic with so many chapters before they taper off. After that, the ideas begin to fizzle out or my motivation begins leaving and I'm no longer able to write for just that story anymore. If I decided to stick with one fic and stubbornly refuse to write for anything, eventually, I would come to a point where I have no idea what to write for this fic I am so fixated on. You guys would end up waiting months before I ever updated again, because while my muse is telling me to write for this story, I am not listening as I try to force words onto a page for a story they do not want to come out for. In other words, you the story you asked for would take several times longer to get completed than if I were to write for all of my stories.

That being said, the next story I have decided to work on is Ashikabi no Shinobi, since so many people have asked me to update that one. Oh. And you will be pleased to know I have updated Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin.