Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sekirei CH 27 Q&A

SkyCaptain502: First of all, you obviously don't know squat about Sekirei if you're saying... erm... writing something like that. Whenever the Ashikabi of a Sekirei dies, the Sekirei dies with them. That's common knowledge that was given to us near the beginning of both the manga and the anime. Secondly, Miya's husband, Asama Takehito, was NOT an Ashikabi. He did not have the genetics capable of winging a Sekirei (we learned this in some of the more recent chapters). Therefore, Miya was NEVER winged, which is the reason she did not shut down when Takehito died.

narutoDKurosaki: Actually, Musubi is simply naive, not dumb. Canon Naruto on the other hand, is one of the stupidest characters in a Shounen Jump manga. Only Monkey D. Luffy and Son Goku reach his level of dumb, and those two are at least strong enough where their stupidity doesn't matter.

Arthain: I think the main reason for those differences is Naruto's immortality. In your story, Naruto just finished having a war that took almost everything from him. Naturally, he's going to hold everything that much closer to his heart. My Naruto is jaded by thousands of years worth of failures and watching loved ones die over and over again throughout the ages. He's trying to keep himself from getting too attached but failing epicly because that's not the kind of person he is at heart.

As for a chapter with substance. I've got one more 'build up' chapter, as it were, and then it's going to be a more substancy arc.

There weren't that many questions or comments that I could answer or respond to today. I think that's because these passed few chapters are basically build up chapters before I the next arc.