Sunday, July 21, 2013


I had a question for you guys. I was thinking about this recently, and have decided that I'm not very satisfied with my first HP series story, Harry Potter and the Gift of Memories. It has nothing to do with any reviews (I haven't even read the reviews that cropped up after I finished), and everything to do with how I don't feel I properly created the story.

I was thinking about going back to my first story at some point (probably after I finish the second book) and making it a bit better. I won't be changing any of the scenes I currently have in there, aside from fixing up my grammar, but I was thinking about doing memory sequences at the beginning of each chapter to show Harry's childhood. I thought I could really give the Gift of Memories part of my title more substance by showing Harry's past, such as when he was first able to use magic, how he treated the Dursleys, his desire to learn martial arts and his meeting with Lisa Crawft.

Would you guys like that?