Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Recent Review

This is actually in response to a recent review, one Valdimarian, who reviewed about possible pairings.

While I do not like giving away spoilers, I will confirm that, yes, Daphne Greengrass will be with Harry. Why? Because she's my favorite fanon pairing. I'm biased towards her like over half the HP fanon population is biased towards Harry/Hermione and another half absolutely despise Harry/Ginny. This is my favorite pairing, therefore, she will be one of Harry's girls.

All of the others are still up in the air though, and because I want to keep you guessing, I'm not going to say anything more.

That being said, I honestly have not ready the Curse's Cure since somewhere around chapter 30. To be frank, even though it's decently written, I don't really like the content. I remember that somewhere after chapter 30, dragon-raptor did a major defacing of the girl's he paired Harry with, destroying their character by making the girl's act like a bunch of sluts as a 'birthday present' for Harry. Now, I'm a male and I have male thoughts about women, but I also have a lot of respect for them and that chapter just turned me off. Also, seeing characters that I know I like pole dance and act like a hired hooker is painful for me, especially when the way he set up their character makes it blatantly obvious that they would never do this, ever.

Of course, that was just the straw that broke the cammals back for me. I've had issues reading his story since day one.

For those of you who don't already know, I am not a Harmony shipper. I hate the Harry/Hermione pairing even more than I hate Naruto/Hinata, and that's saying something.

Of course, hate is a very strong word. I don't hate Hermione and actually like her character, so perhaps a more accurate term would be to say that I find the Harmony pairing to be utterly repulsive to me. And yes, I do have my reason for this. Hermione reminds me of my sister, so reading about Hermione doing the horizontal mombo does not invoke images of Emma Watson, but of, well, my sister.

I'm sure you can see the problem here. And unlike a good deal of people on this site, I do not enjoy incest in any capacity. It doesn't help that when I read a story, I often picture myself in the place of the main character. Really, it just makes the whole situation that much worse.

I remember when I read the first sex scene in that story I actually vomited all over my computer. Took me hours to clean. Since then, I was pretty much forced to skim past every single Harmony moment in the story, lest my stomach feel queasy. And since almost every single scene in that story is Harmony related due to dragon-raptors biased to that pairing, I pretty much skipped the entire story and so decided it just wasn't worth reading anymore.

And on an unrelated note, does anyone like cheese?