Friday, July 26, 2013


Chapter 13 is posted. This chapter was more of what you would call a setting up chapter then anything else. Some might even feel it's a filler chapter, but I like to think it at least moved the plot a little. It has some reveals, a more in depth look into Daphne's psyche and thoughts and gives a little bit of foreshadowing for the next chapter.

One thing I know some of you will be happy about is the lack of dream sequence. While I do make mention of Harry having a wet dream, I don't have it in there. That's because by this point, Harry has already become inured towards having them. They no longer effect him like they used to, thus there purpose for pushing Harry's character development has disappeared. My mentioning of Harry's dream in this chapter was the last major mentioning of him having erotic dreams. I may occasionally make a comment here or there, but for the most part, that moment of puberty has now passed.

Thank the log. Oh, wait. This is Harry Potter. The Log doesn't exist.