Thursday, August 1, 2013


It's Thursday, which means it's one day away from my next update. This time, I will be updating Namikaze's Return. Are you excited? Are you feeling all tingly? No. Well, that's too bad. I am.

No. Wait. That's because I'm sitting on a washing machine while I write this. Weird, right? Who the hell sits on a washing machine?

I do, apparently.

Anyways, this chapter just needs to be proof read, which will be done tonight so I can post before committing to my morning routine of pumping iron at the pumpatorium, then I will post it Friday.

And yes, pumpatorium is a real word. I just have yet to get it accepted by whoever allows certain words to show up in the Dictionary. If you can point me to the people who do that, I will happily send them this word and it;s definition.