Saturday, August 3, 2013

Namikaze's Return Q&A

Leaf Ranger: Then you might as well leave now. Madara Uchiha is going to be even more powerful than Pain. I'm sorry you like stories where Naruto is the ultimate power of the world and capable of pawning everyone and their mother because he's a Jinchurikki and all, but my story is canon compliant, meaning everything that Kishi says is real is, well, real.

jebest4781: Why would I do that? Having Naruto save the day at the last minute demeans what happened here. Besides, ever heard that old saying 'if you're going to give Frodo Baggins a lightsaber, you need to give Sauron the Death Star'? It's sort of like that. I made Naruto way more powerful than his canon counterpart, so the shit that hits the fan in my story needs to really Hit, Da, Fan.

SSJS Kyuubi Gohan: To be honest, I don't consider any of those people important. They are, at best, secondary characters. The only characters in my story that are truly important are Naruto, his girls and the main antagonists, those being Pain, Tobi and maybe Madara. The others are all secondary characters that I can kill off when I feel like it.

Karmic Acumen: Then you are going to be very depressed my friend.

Lightningblade49: I'm confused. What makes you think Naruto can revive the dead? He doesn't have the Rinnegan, therefore, he cannot revive someone who has died unless he wants to use Edo Tensei. And I'm going to tell you right now, he won't be doing that. No, Kumo and it's people are dead for good.