Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chapter 14 HP Q&A

erbkaiser: You're probably thinking about what Harry gets out of his proposal in too tangible a sense. That's why you haven't been able to figure out what he gains from it. Harry wants to leave his mark on the world. He's the wizard who wants to be remembered from eons to come for his accomplishments. He wants people to speak of him in the same tones of awe and respect that Merlin and the Four Founders have long after he's gone. Essentially, what he wants is recognition for his own accomplishments. His proposal for the culture classes is a step in that direction and a good beginning stage to bring forth some of his ideas.

I won't say anything more, because it would ruin one of my more important plots, but when Book 6 comes out, you'll look back on this moment and 'oh! So that's why Harry made those culture classes!'.

ElectroVenik: What you say is true, but do not forget Harry is still young. He doesn't always think of everything. You may have found the hints I left, but Harry got a little over excited about his own 'amazing idea' that some things like logistics skipped his mind. It didn't help that no one brought it up in the meeting, probably because they felt he was so young that he wouldn't understand everything that went into creating a new class.

amoghtalwar: The plot actually isn't slowing down, just your perception of it because you're trying to use JK's canon as a reference point. Don't. This isn't JK's Harry Potter. While her plot is in here, it's not the main plot of my story. The reason we're still at the beginning of the year is because most of the plot moving happens at the beginning of the year. Once my plot development is done, I'm going to be doing timeskips. I suspect by chapter 16 or 17, maybe 18, Harry and the gang will be back home for the Christmas holidays.

n0mster: I hate to disappoint, but there will be no romantic relationships in this book. Even though Harry no recognizes that he finds the girls in his group pleasing to the eye and sexually attractive, he's not going to be doing anything. He's still only 12 and feels there is no point to rushing into a relationship or multiple ones at that age.

narutoDkurosaki: Again, I don't think you have any concept of what it means for a chapter to be considered a filler chapter. You're so caught up in thinking that my fanfic is using the JK Rowling plot as it's main plot that you completely forget my plot has nothing to do with her plot. My story is based around a more or less original (I hope) plot of Harry leaving his mark on the wizarding world. It runs PARALLEL to her plot, but it is not the JK Rowling Harry Potter Plot, aka, the Chamber of Secrets being opened is not the main plot of this story.

I can't say I'm surprised you haven't realized this, but I am disappointed that you don't have faith in my writing.

LegendaryArimaspi: It was hypocritical in the first chapter. One thing you have to recognize is that Harry didn't tell her 'you shouldn't lecture everyone' because he was trying to be hypocritical, but because of the ramifications that come with her lecturing people. Hermione is a First Generation (muggleborn) witch, and as such, her lecturing other wizards, especially pure-bloods, is seen as an insult. Do you really think the pure-bloods, even those who are lenient towards First Generation magicals is going to put up with some uppity little witch from a nonmagical family telling them they're wrong? Of course not.

On the other hand, Harry can afford to dish out lectures despite being raised by muggles. Why? Just look at his titles. Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived. Harry Potter, the heir to the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter. Harry, regardless of his history, is an important figure in the magical realm. Because of this, he can get away with things like lecturing pure-blood wizards on magic and various other subjects.

Does that make it right? No, of course not, but that's life and sometimes, life is just unfair.

A Question for the readers:

A good deal of reviewers have told me that my 'Wizard cultural class' is not an original or inspired concept. Now, it could just be because I came to Harry Potter late and whatever story(s) had this idea were so far in the back of the search engine that I simply missed it (or them), but I have not found any other story that uses this idea.

My question is this: What story or stories aside from mine have decided to use the 'give magical children born from nonmagical families wizarding culture and etiquette classes?