Monday, August 12, 2013

Next update

I've decided to work on Legend of Gaia's Sennin next. I haven't updated it in a while and believe it could use some love. So there you go, there's that.

On to other news, I've had a recent case of Highschool DxD-itus. Or maybe I should say I've gotten really into Highschool DxD/Naruto crossovers. I've even gotten curious enough to read the reviews people leave.

One thing that amused me when I read the reviews was the blatant ego masturbating of Naruto. It's funny because everyone loves Naruto and hates Issei. They give excuses like Issei's a pervert and Naruto would kick his ass and Issei's weak and stupid and can't do anything right.

I find this funny because they're also describing Naruto to T. Naruto, who was the deadlast of his class and has only recently become really strong. Naruto, who created the most perverted jutsu to date (sexy jutsu anyone?). Naruto, who didn't understand Kakashi's explanation on chakra elements and needed someone to literally flat out tell him that he learned what his clone learned when it dispelled.

It's even funnier because I doubt any of these people have read the Light Novels. Issei, in the most recent Light Novel, has become a certified bad ass. He is a SS-class Devil whose body was literally remade from the flesh of Great Red, the most powerful entity in existence, the Dragon of Dragons. He has a harem of beautiful women (read 7 girls) that live with and have fallen in love with him, and is actually going to get married to Rias.

Naruto? He's still chasing Sakura. And the only girl he has at his beck and call is Hinata, who can't actually do anything because she's always passing out unless the situation is one of those life or death type moments.

It almost makes me wonder why Naruto is more beloved than Issei. Of course, I already know the answer so I don't have to wonder. Fan loyalty. Naruto is a more popular series, more people are fans of Naruto, thus they like Naruto more than Issei. That's really what it comes down to.

Even I like Naruto more than Issei, or any other manga character. I would read about Naruto over Ichigo, Goku, Gohan, Natsu, Issei and Luffy any day of the week because I'm a bigger fan of Naruto than I am those other manga. That's just how it is.