Tuesday, August 13, 2013

B, how can you update so damn fast?

A lot of people have recently asked me how I'm able to constantly update stories once a week. I guess they find it a bit astounding that I can actually write decently long chapters once a week and post them every Friday.

I think a part of the reason for my ability to write is structure. I have a very structured life. I wake up in the morning around 3:00 am, am at the gym by 4:00, finish by 5:45 and am at work around 6:00 to 6:15. Work starts at 6:30 and I'm there until 2:30. After that I either head out and meet up somewhere with friends or go home. If I go home, then chances are good I'm going to write. If I head out with friends, then as soon as I get home, chances are good that I'm going to write. With this kind of lifestyle I can essentially allot timeslots of when I write for my fanfics.

Another factor is time. Barring work, exercise and my social life, I have a lot of free time on my hands these days. A part of that is just due to my lifestyle, but another part is that I just make time to write. I suppose you could say its how other people make time for their hobbies. Some people like to play video games, others watch tv. Me? I write fanfiction.

The last thing I think that allows me to write is simple. Motivation. I think this is what kills most people. They're just not motivated to write anything, and when they do write something, it's not all it could be because they're pretty much forcing it to come out. I don't do that. If I can't think of something to write, I won't. If my muse ever dies out, I'll likely post something on this blog telling you that I am taking a hiatus to find my muse.

Of course, I don't have to worry for the moment. I've got plenty of ideas to write out, so I expect to be writing stories for some time to come barring some kind of catastrophe like the apocalypse or something.

I think one of the problems that people have in finding motivation is they're looking in the wrong places. Many the of ideas I come up with are ideas that come to me when I'm reading other people's fanfics. It doesn't even have to be an idea that comes from the fanfic itself. I could be reading a story about Naruto binding women to him in his search for peace (Eroninja) and come up with an idea on how to turn Pain into an even bigger enemy by making him unite the smaller hidden villages and inciting a war with the Five Great Nations. When I read other people's work, ideas for my own stories just come to me.

This is actually part of the reason I get so depressed when no one updates. Without other people posting their own ideas, I have a hard time coming up with stuff to write.

It's a vicious cycle, I tell you. Vicious.