Saturday, August 17, 2013

Still Waiting

Since I'm still waiting for some more reviews to be posted on my latest Gaia's Sennin chapter before doing a Q&A for it, I've decided to bring up an interesting review I got for my HP story a little while ago. The review was an anonymous dude named grey, and he wrote:

"I would like to point out that harry is wrong about the muggle borns they are not first generation they are all desended from squibs magic is a blood line its no diffrent then the bloodlinelimites frome naruto the truth is we have know idea were magic comes from because its a blood line my theory is the magic folk got their powers frome some type of magic creature also random info there was a muggleborn minister so muggle borns aren't doing that bad you should also check out the sacred 28 these are all the remaining pure blood familys the reason im telling you this is because blood purists are diying out voldmort in fact made it worst he killed a lot of pure bloods the deatheaters have done more harm two there own cause im just trying to show you that the purebloods society barly excists there are only 28 pure blood familys left out of thousands of magic folk and a lot of the sacred 28 and most of them only have about a hand full of living members some are extinct some are one living member there aren't even a 100 living pure bloods the only reason the purists faction is so strong is because most magic folk are cowardly pussys I mean look at the first wizarding war the death eaters only lost seven giants and two deatheater the light side lost a hell allot more the lightside are just weak they just don't have any fighting spirit and are realy stupid that's fucked up to say buts true they have no fucking clue how to fight a war"

Now, extremely terrible grammar and god awful spelling side, I find this review kind of amusing because, except for the mention of there being a muggleborn minister and the sacred 28 bit, none of what he says is true. In other words, it is not JK Rowling approved knowledge that holds any basis in fact within the canon storyline. Meaning this guy was essentially trying to tell me that his own made up version of where muggleborns come from was more correct than my own make believe thoughts on muggleborn origins because, apparently, I don't know nearly as much about my own story's backstory as he does.

Don't you always find it amusing when people try to tell you that the AU knowledge you created to fill in the gaps of information left by the original author of a story is wrong and they know better than you? Maybe I should just let him write the story since he seems to know so much.