Sunday, August 25, 2013

Harry Potter HoS Chapter 15

Faraway-R: That has to be the best explanation for why Chuck Norris did not star as The Force that I have ever heard. And to answer your question, no, Snape does not know about Harry's perfect memory.

Kid Coheed: I've always felt that Snape is a very complex character, quite possibly the most complex of all JK Rowlings characters. Now, I won't go into detail about what will happen between these two in the future, but I will tell you that their interactions will be some of the most interesting later on.

And I'm not even going to mention my pairings. Like I said, I have some minor romantic moments here, but the romance won't really get started until Book 3 and won't get too physical (meaning kissing and snogging) until Book 4.

adrian11: It's not just a matter of consulting. I didn't go into details of the contract that Harry has with Nimbus Racing Brooms, but essentially, the first group of Nimbus 2001s that get produced, are done so with his name on them as a limited broom, and the rest that are made after that do not have his name on them.

So let's say that the contract states that the first 1,000 brooms produced are limited edition Harry Potter Nimbus 2001s, that means that Nimbus Racing Brooms HAS to make the first 1,000 brooms limited edition Harry Potter brooms. In the canon, Lucius Malfoy bought the Nimbus 2001s for Dracos team hot off the market, meaning they had either just come out or were coming out. This means that when Lucius tried to buy them this time, they had given him the limited edition ones and he demanded normal Nimbus 2001s.

Now, because of the contract, Nimbus Racing Brooms cannot make anything other than the limited editions until after the first 1,000 brooms have been produced. To do so would be a breach in contract. Harry found out about this and told them 'if you sell him those brooms without them being the limited edition ones, I will consider this a breach in our contract and take my business elsewhere'. Basically, they had to do what Harry said because of the terms of the contract. Make sense?

SweetSouthernGal: Actually, the reason was stated in Chapter 11. Remember, Harry assaulted Draco and his gang and went all Sith on Draco?

ImaDenarianLordX: Actually, if you'll recall, Harry first heard the Basalisk when he was serving detention with Lockhart, which cannonically speaking would be about the same time as now. The first attack was on Halloween, and Harry heard it's voice again which led him to finding Mrs. Norris petrified. While it's easy to see why you would forget this, please try to make sure your critiques are accurate before giving them.

0 Jordino 0: Well, I am sorry you feel Ice Potion is a bland name, but if you feel that way, then you should take it up with JK Rowling, who gave it the name Ice Potion. Just so you know, this is a canon potion that I looked up on Wikipedia, so it's not like I'm making this stuff up. Otherwise, I would have called it something like Flame Deterrent Potion or something.

Which might not be much better.

Tano Narhuine: I am actually well aware of what Eidetic Memory is. I looked it up just for this story. Granted, I will admit I boosted it's abilities because Harry is a wizard, therefore his memory is enhanced by his magic (meaning that instead of simply being able to recall fuzzy images until he actually thinks about a specific memory, he can recall everything perfectly all the time), but that's about it.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't think I needed to mention that Harry is naturally intelligent for people to realize that. Canon Harry is actually very smart, he's just incredibly lazy thanks to Ron rubbing off on him and him wanting to fit in with everyone else. Basically, JK Rowling's Harry wants to be 'normal' and goes to great lengths to be 'normal', including not using the intelligence he was given to become better. It doesn't help that he used Hermione as a crutch on top of being as lazy as Ronald Weasley.

Truth be told, I've always thought that Harry was just as intelligent as Hermione, but never used it because of the abuse (aka, mental and emotional abuse via isolation and sometimes physical abuse from his cousin and friends. I don't think the Dursley's ever raised a hand to him physically (Dudley being the exception rather than the rule) except for when they were manhandling him like when Vernon threw him into the cupboard after the Boa incident in the second chapter). By the time he got to Hogwarts, he was this meek little boy who just wanted to fit in and latched onto the first person he met (Ron) that didn't strike him as a complete ponse (Draco) and tried to make Ron like him by dumbing himself down to Ron's level of intellect. Had Harry met Hermione first, he would have probably been more like her than Ron.

In either event, in my story, because Harry is not this meek and pathetic child looking to fit in and is actually showing ambition, he has no trouble using his natural intelligence on top of enhancing it with his Eidetic Memory to be the best student in class.

To Guest, Drewz05, amoghtalwar: The reason the story feels like it's going slow is because right now, I have Harry doing a lot of things in a very short amount of time. The start of the term at Hogwarts is September 1st. I needed all the things I just had in the past 4 chapters to happen BEFORE Halloween and the first attack of the Basalisk on Mrs. Norris. All of the stuff I have in those 4 chapters is relevant to MY plot.

Please note that I put down MY plot and not JK ROWLING'S plot. This is something a good deal of you still seem to not realize. JK Rowling's story is about the Chamber of secrets being opened and Harry, Hermione and Ron trying to solve the mystery behind the Chamber. My story is not about the Chamber of Secrets being opened, it's just running parallel to the original canon plot dictated by JK Rowling and will influence the eventual outcome of the canon plot.

My plot is about Harry Potter trying to leave his mark on the Wizarding World by becoming it's most powerful and influential member of society since Merlin himself. All this stuff that Harry is doing right now is to help facilitate this rise. He is taking an active role in politics, cutting deals and making contracts with leading Broom making companies, suing people for unlawfully using his name in fictional stories, creating a potions making business, trying to change the school curriculum while still being a student, hoping to erase House Divisions and creating a better facility for learning. Everything he does is to further his goals of people realizing that, yeah, Harry might have 'defeated' a Dark Lord when he was a brat, but that's not the only reason we (meaning the sheep of the wizarding world) should be so awed by his presence.

Basically, he's trying to do what Voldemort did, only taking the opposite approach and becoming respected and loved instead of feared and hated, and he's ambitious enough that he is starting as early as his second year to do this.