Tuesday, August 27, 2013

News that is both good and bad?

Since sometime in 2010, I have been writing fanfiction. Those of you who have followed my earlier works have probably seen how much better my writing has gotten, both in English and in storytelling. I won't say it's perfect, because I know for a fact that it's not, but I like to think I've improved a great deal over time.

For these past 3 years I've written fanfiction, using already existing works such as Naruto and Harry Potter to hone my own skills in English and storytelling. FFN.net has been my playground to create ideas and expand upon already existing ideas. Some of my stories have been a success, others not so much, but I learned a lot doing this and am still learning a good deal. In doing this, fanfiction has become more than just a side hobby to increase my, at the time, lacking talent in English. It's become something of a passion.

Now, you're probably all reading this, wondering 'why the hell is he waxing poetic about his time as a fanfiction author?' or you're going 'oh my god! Oh my god! Please don't tell me this is a farewell letter... erm... blog post!' or maybe you're thinking 'Shit man, just get to the point!', in which case, I shall.

I have long since used fanfiction as a means to improve my writing, and while I have NO INTENTION of quitting, I am ready to expand into the realm of the original (or at least, as original as something can be in this day and age). Yes, I'm in the process of writing my own Novel. I've just finished the rough draft, which is a measly 66,536 words. By the time I finish my first draft, I'll have probably added another 10,000 to 20,000 or so. I suspect my finished product will be around 75,000 to 86,000 words, which is around the size of a standard novel.

I am hoping to have it finished within a few months and published sometime after that. Fortunately, my dad knows someone who has published two best selling books. They're not fiction novels, but I figured he could help me get my work put out there. Barring that, I could always self publish it on ebooks and various online mediums, but then I wouldn't get any of the aid that normally comes with having a publishing company put my book out there.

All that being said, I'm sure you're now asking 'what does this mean for your fanfiction stories? Are you just going to abandon them?'. The answer is no, I will never abandon my fanfiction stories so long as you guys enjoy reading them. Fanfiction is still my biggest passion and I read much more fanfiction than I do original novels. I don't intend on giving it up any time soon. All this means is that my focus for the moment is my original novel, which I hope to get published. If that works out, I will likely begin working on my next novel, which will be the sequel to what I plan on making a several book series.