Sunday, September 8, 2013

Harry Potter, chapter 16 Q&A

JordanMathiasManlyMonkJuli Beawrevelsaint93: I know that a lot of people want to know where Selene is, and when we'll see her again. Like I said in my previous blogs. Selene's part in this story is DONE. You will not see her again until Book 4, where her role in this series will pick up again.

Anime Princess: The reason Daphne has so much screen time is because her role has greater importance than any of the other girls. The problems she has are tied much more intimately to Harry's than, say, Hermione Granger or Tracey Davis. Thus, you see more of her then you do the others.

And the reason Hermione doesn't play a very important role is because she's not really needed. Think about it. In the original series, Hermione is pretty much the Mary Su of Harry Potter. She's the most intelligent witch of her generation, has all the answers to every question, has a spell for every occasion, is often times the voice of reason and has an OC rebellious streak against authority figures when they fail her. Really, the only thing Hermione doesn't have is a scar on her forehead proclaiming her the Girl-Who-Lived.

In my story, Harry is every bit as intelligent as Hermione and has perfect memory. Her role in the original, JK Rowling plot, simply doesn't exist.

mind liger: The ratio of magical to non magical humans in my story is about 1:10,000. So if there are 4.5 billion people in this world, it means there are only about 450,000 witches and wizards in the world.

I'm sure all of you noticed that I finally added Luna. A good number of chapters ago, chapter 11 or 12, where people asked me to bring her in. It was a bit difficult, because I didn't just want to randomly have her come into the story, but I've finally managed to fulfill that request.

If any of you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.