Sunday, September 22, 2013

Harry Potter Q&A Time

Dante 101: To answer your first question on how I come up with my theories for Transfiguration and Alchemy, I would have to say I use a form of logic, reasoning and information gained from other stories that use similar forms of magic. Well, at least I do for the Transfiguration aspect. My thoughts on Alchemy was actually taken straight from Full Metal Alchemist. On the other hand, the laws I had created for Transfiguration is canon knowledge combined with various sources such as anime, manga, tv shows and video games that have similar transformation magic but different rules. I suppose you could say I combine all of my favorite ideas in a way that makes sense.

As for Daphne, I want it known that her feelings for Harry are completely legitimate. If anything, she is LESS affectionate than she wants to be because she does not like the idea of her father using her to control Harry. I won't say anymore on that. You'll understand Daphne's feeling soon enough.

CheeseyCraziness: Please don't forget that Harry is still 11 years old, regardless of how intelligent and mature he can be. That means sometimes he will think or say things that aren't exactly nice or well thought out. His thoughts about girls not liking martial arts isn't really a comment made due to sexist thoughts, but one he felt has a basis in fact. Most of the girls he knows do not like martial arts, Lisa Crawft being a prime example, therefore, his belief is based on this knowledge. Have you ever heard of that old saying 'our reality is based on what we perceive is real'? It's similar to that. With knowledge that the only female he knows who like martial arts is Katrina, he believes that girls just don't like fighting and that Katrina is one of those one out of one million girls who just happens to be the odd man out, so to speak.

Akuma-Heika: It's like I said, Transfiguration is a very precise branch of magic and, at the moment, he is not skilled in transfiguring inanimate objects. I never explicitly said this, but Harry's skill in transfiguration is very specific. He excels at transfiguring living creatures and self-transfiguration. In other words, the two branches needed to become an animagi. However, while he is good at those to branches, he is only slightly skilled, comparatively, at inanimate to inanimate transfiguration, meaning he has the knowledge and skill of a third year student. Large scale transfiguration such as what you are talking about is currently beyond his reach.

And when Tracey said she didn't know what she was doing, it was not that she did not know what she was doing, but that she did not really know HOW she was doing it. Tracey has the innate ability to learn most spells with ease, but is absolutely abysmal when it comes to theory. Therefore, she can learn any spell easily, but will not understand HOW she is doing that spell because it's all instinct. In a way, you can think of her as the opposite of Hermione in that regard.

Concluding thoughts: So it looks like this chapter wasn't quite as well received. It has gotten far less reviews than my other chapters. I suppose at least part of the reason for that was poor English. To be honest, I am aware that this chapter was not really up to par as far as my writing goes.

The truth of the matter is that when I normally post a chapter, I will have read it over and revised it at least twice before posting. Because I had not managed to finish this chapter as quickly, however, meaning I finished it Thursday night, I did not get the chance to revise it. That means the chapter was... well, I don't know if you could call it unbeta'd since I do not have a beta reader, but it wasn't edited. That's why there were more spelling errors and grammatical mistakes than usual.