Monday, October 21, 2013

Devil Ninja

I'm posting today to answer some questions that have been asked about my most recent fanfic, Devil Ninja. A good deal of people had very similar questions, so most of them will be easy to answer.

Will Naruto be getting a harem?

A lot of people have asked me about 'The Harem', some have even gone so far as to assume this fanfic would be a harem and have simply been making suggestions.

Before anyone gets too gung ho about The Harem, all of you should know that there is a possibility this story WILL NOT be a harem. To be perfectly honest, I have no clue if I plan on going The Harem route, or sticking with Naruto/Rias. In the end, whether this story remains a single pairing or becomes a harem will be dependent on the story itself. If The Plot cannot progress without a harem, then it will become one. If having a harem will ruin my story, then I will not have one.

What's going on with Naruto's chakra?

So, this was something that bugged people when I posted my first chapter. Apparently, Naruto was far too weak for their taste because he didn't have chakra.

For those who did not get what I did from chapter 1, I took Naruto's chakra away via destroying his chakra coils. I won't tell you how that happened, though you can assume it happened as a result of Naruto sacrificing himself for his friends at the climax to the 4th Great Ninja War.

I did this so that Naruto would be at the same level as the enemies he will face at this stage in the story. If I had left him at the same level of power that his canon counterpart is, he would have faced no challenge with anyone until Kokabiel. I dislike it when my characters don't have some kind of challenge, so I deliberately weakened him in order to ensure he was not too strong. If I left Naruto as he was, he would have pawned everyone he came across and that would have made a very boring story.

What happened to Naruto?

Some people have wondered what happened to Naruto in this story. How did he get to the DxD world? Why were his chakra coils destroyed? I will eventually answer those questions, but I would like to leave it as a mystery for now. As the story progresses, I will give more and more hints about what happened until everyone eventually understands.

Though I hope a few of you will figure out what happened to Naruto before then. I left quite a few hints in my first chapter, and it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what went down if you followed the Naruto manga up to this point.

Of course, if you only watch the anime you may be lost, but such is life.

Where the hell is Kurama?

People have been wondering about how favorite nine-tailed furball. I won't tell you what's up with Kurama yet, but I will tell you eventually. You'll just have to be patient until then.


Those were the most generic questions I've been asked in reviews so far. The rest are pretty much along the lines of asking for specifics, which I don't actually have and wouldn't give if I did. I don't want to ruin the story by giving people spoilers. That being said, I hope this went at least a little way towards satisfying some of you.