Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where I am currently, where I am going.

Yo fanfic lovers and avid readers. This is just your friendly neighborhood Spider... I mean, your friendly internet fanfiction author coming at you with an update of this blog so you know that I am alive and can see where I am.

To start, my original novel is almost finished. I've actually had to cut out 3 whole chapters from this story as it already hit the 87,000+ word mark after reaching chapter 17, and I suspect that when I add the last scene to chapter 17 it will reach 90,000 words. Which is fine by me. Honestly, the 3 other chapters (which equal about 20,000+ words on their own) that I wrote would work better in the next novel of this series. I suspect that the novel will be finished either sometime tomorrow, or by the end of this week.

I have not started writing the next chapter for any of my fanfics yet; mainly because I do not know which fanfic to write for. I've got a couple of ideas for almost every story, but the ones I am thinking about the most are Gaia's Sennin and Heir of Slytherin. They're currently the stories I have the most ideas for my next chapter on. I just have to figure out which fanfic I want to write for. 

If any of you have a preference in story let me know. It may or may not affect which story I write for, but it can't hurt your chances.

All that being said, I'm going to try and write in this blog a little more often. I haven't been updating as often as I feel I should. I'm thinking about posting writing tips for people who either want to be a fanfiction writer and don't know where to start, or are already writing fanfiction but would like some useful advice to help them improve. Would you guys like it if I did that?